Shades of Blue Color

It’s no secret that color affects mood, but there are some colors that can be more soothing than others. One such color is blue. Blue can evoke feelings of calmness and relaxation to the point where it may even help reduce stress levels. It’s a color that has been used for centuries in artwork, pottery, clothing, and other items because of its calming qualities.

Blue is a color that has been around since the beginning of time. There are so many different variations and shades of blue color, each with its own meaning. Blue can be calming or energizing depending on the shade you choose to wear. It’s also said to help people feel more connected to themselves and others while increasing self-esteem at the same time. In this blog post, we’ll explore some popular shades of blue color from light blues like baby blue and powder blue all the way down to dark blues like navy and indigo, as well as tips for choosing your perfect shade.

Different Shades of Blue Color

Shades of blue color

It is possible that you have never even noticed all the colors out there. It could be a color that is used in government organizations, a national flag, or even the primary color of various universities that consists of different shades and hues of one color. We have gathered some of the different shades of blue you can try out when creating a graphic design or website. If you thought that you were limited to only a few options, then think again. There are endless hues and shades to choose from. We have listed several shades of blue with their respective names, Hex, and  RGB codes. Let’s have a look!

Turquoise Blue Color

Hex Code: #40E0D0

RGB Code: 64,224,208

A turquoise jewel is the source of its name. This stone holds great value and significance. This is true, at least for someone who has the curiosity to seek meaning.

The color turquoise is one of those colors that go with just about everything. The use of this material in decoration and clothing makes any theme, attitude, or look more appealing. If you choose this color as your room’s theme color, even the walls in your room will look great. This same thing is true for web pages using this color, especially for websites where style is the main point.

Royal Blue Color

Hex Code: #4169E1

RGB Code: 65,105,225

In the 1700s, the Royal Blue Color became popular in the UK. It is a color associated with royalty. Navy Blue is similar to royal blue, but the colors differ. A royal blue color is a dark version of blue with more black color mixed in.

These are some of the colors that are often used by artists and designers to achieve a deep and deep shade of blue without altering the hue of yellow, green, or other earthen colors. Choosing this royal blue for your website will give your website an eye-catching pop-out effect.

Navy Blue Color

‍Hex Code: #000080

RGB Code: 0,0,128

A navy blue is a very deep color compared to most blues. Dark blue has been used in navy colors in some countries.

Navy blue is the color of choice for those seeking trendy attire that complements their sexy figure. A fair complexion wears it well, as does a darker one. Stylish jewelry, belts, scarves, and all kinds of accessories can be worn with a navy blue color dress. The navy blue color is an effective way to make a fashion statement.

There are a number of occasions when this color is appropriate, such as graduation parties, wedding anniversaries, job interviews, etc. Dress appropriately for this color with a suit, shirt, tie, and proper shoes.

Cobalt Blue Color

Hex Code: #0047AB

RGB Code: 0,71,171

Tile porcelain is originally colored Cobalt Blue. This color is popular among painters around the world.

A super cool shade of blue is cobalt blue. This shade deserves its adjective for a reason. A true epitome of coolness. Dark, deep, and mysterious are words that describe Cobalt Blue. That might describe how Cobalt Blue would feel in real life in an idealistic way, but the point stands.  This color can be found mostly at lower altitudes than up in space, in clear blue skies.

Light Blue Color

Hex Code: #ADD8E6

RGB Code: 173,216,230

It is believed that the first shade of blue appeared in Ancient Egypt, and light blue began being used in the early 1900s. Calm and peace are associated with this color.

It is said that some colors evoke a sense of serenity and calm and help us reconnect with ourselves. Light blue is one of the colors David Apotheker uses in his practice for this purpose. Light blue is what color? You might ask. According to a psychological perspective, light blue symbolizes openness to new ideas, simplicity, and ease.

Baby Blue Color

Hex Code: #89CFF0

RGB Code: 137,207,240

A pastel color is Baby Blue. The first time it was used was in the 1800s. This symbolizes the innocence and joy of babies. This color is non-gender specific but is typically associated with boys.

Many people are confused about the real baby blue color, and they are not able to decide which color is best for them. You can apply baby blue in prints like logos, greeting cards, posters, web design, business presentations, and many more.

One of the most important colors to use in your clothing design is baby blue. In addition, we chose a color that shows off cool content as well as creates a soothing effect. It brings a sense of tension and satisfaction to the experience. You will find these shades on both men’s and women’s clothes this season. The best thing about them is that they keep you looking young inside and out.

Tiffany Blue Color

Hex Code: #0ABAB5

RGB Code: 10,186,181

There is a Tiffany Blue color associated with the luxury brand Tiffany and Co. Using this color on the package of this jewelry brand sold for a high price.

The most popular kind of fancy jewelry has always been Tiffany jewelry. As one of the world’s most desired diamond colors, Tiffany stands out from the rest.

Certifications such as carat, cut, color and clarity are often used to denote the quality of diamonds. The Tiffany certificate contains fire, intensity, and brilliance of all colors, making it one of the finest diamond certificates available.

Because Tiffany Diamonds do not have a translucent or white coating, which other commodity stones do to fade, Tiffany Diamonds maintain their luster, sparkle, and brilliance.

Midnight Blue Color

Hex Code: #003366

RGB Code: 0,51,102

A color representing tranquility and serenity is midnight blue. In terms of color, midnight is a dark shade of blue and can be described as deep and rich. Some computer monitors will also display the color as black, but it is more like a dark blue than a black.

You can have your website’s background in the midnight blue tone because it is sophisticated and a little mysterious. Using this color is a great way to present luxury products and serious content.

True Blue Color

Hex Code: #0073CF

RGB Code: 0,115,207

The University of California uses the true blue color as its official color. There is neither too much light nor too much darkness. It is a calming and pleasant tone.

Blue colored clothing, including jackets and shirts, is popular due to its true blue hue. The sapphire one is deep, and the royal blue one is light. With the use of these two colors and different shades of blue, designers can create fascinating interiors that are very eye-catching.

Cerulean Blue

Hex Code: #2A52BE

RGB Code: 42,82,190

A Cerulean pigment was named in ancient times. It is from this story that Cerulean Blue derives its name. Its blue color was also made famous by the discovery of this pigment.‍

Colors like this are unique and vibrant. Synthetic dyes are very costly and difficult to purify historically. If you don’t like the color, you can use it on your heels or nails and even on your eyelids. Your attractiveness and youthfulness will increase with this color.

Sky Blue Color

Hex Code: #2A52BE

RGB Code: 42,82,190

The infinite blue of the sky is represented by the Sky Blue Color. It is often used to paint the ceilings of homes. Interior architects also use it a lot.

Three main colors make up sky blue: light blue, azure blue, and purple. A sky blue can appear similar to powder blue or turquoise, which makes it hard to tell them apart. Even so, there are still some appealing features about it.

Electric Blue Color

Hex Code: #0892D0

RGB Code: 8,146,208

Digital designers often use electric blue as a bright, light color. The color should fit the screen. It is not possible to apply filters to all colors. Creating a hue that combines indigo and violet tones is a striking example of azure.

Colors of this magnitude can commonly be seen in deep blue ocean water, but it can also be found in various natural features. Several gems, bright flowers, and deep skies are known to contain the color.

People use it for many purposes to decorate their homes, such as curtains, rugs, and furnishings for couches or even clothing.

Prussian Blue Color

Hex Code: #003153

RGB Code: 0,49,83

An extremely dark blue tone is Prussian blue. There are so many dark tones in it that even black tones have a place on it.

In general, Germany, and in particular the Prussian state, is known for its Prussian Blue color. In the 17th and 18th centuries, officers in the Prussian Army wore uniforms in the dark blue, especially those who served in Berlin.

This period was known as the Zietenblau period because of the uniform worn by many German soldiers named after Field Marshal Gebhard von Blücher during the Battle of Waterloo. Unfortunately, this blue color became associated with death when the uniforms of Napoleon’s dead soldiers were worn.

Ultramarine Blue Color

Hex Code: #120A8F

RGB Code: 18,10,143

Due to its widespread production and relatively low cost, ultramarine color was used as wall paint. Exterior walls were made of this durable material.

The color ultramarine is associated with the sea. Ultramarine is an amazing shade of blue that combines both violet and blue, making it one of the most relaxing to look at. Symbolically, ultramarine is also an ultramarine color associated with the Catholic Church.

Neon Blue Color

Hex Code: #4D4DFF

RGB Code: 77,77,255

In comparison with the other blue colors, the neon blue color is more modern. Blue and black are difficult to differentiate at night. But neon blues are very noticeable.

Neon blue gets its name from this color (from which it gets its name) because it’s bright, vibrant, and exciting. The bright, vibrant characteristics of neon colors are complemented by their dark, monochromatic side caused by their lack of luminous appearance.

Powder Blue Color

Hex Code: #B0E0E6

RGB Code: 176,224,230

Powder blue is impossible to describe in exact detail. Using it gives the surface it is applied to a pale color. The color powder blue can provide a sense of peace and calmness. It has the potential to improve human health. The powder used for cleaning things reminds us of something unhealthy.

There are many different shades of blue found in nature, but some of the most common include turquoise, teal, and sky blue. The 1964 Lincoln Continental was painted in this strange color. You may have a hard time finding this color since it isn’t so common.

Azure Blue Color

Hex Code: #007FFF

RGB Code: 0,127,255

Every weather condition changes the color of the sky. The color of the sky is azure blue when the weather is sunny and glassy. In other words, it’s a lovely, promising color.

Indigo Blue Color

Hex Code: #4B0082

RGB Code: 75,0,130

Decorators use this color a lot because of its depth and purity. It evokes images of warm, friendly seas surrounded by white sand and turquoise water. To me, it represents a warm, friendly sea with fine sands nestled in beautiful turquoise waters.

Indigo blue paint comes in a wide range of shades ranging from midnight navy (the deepest shade) to lighter. Blue-violet is a color that falls between both of them.

Phthalo Blue Color

Hex Code: #000F89

RGB Code: 0,15,137

Phthalo blue is a synthetic and crystalline color. As a result of chemical reactions, it was created around the turn of the century. The beauty of nature is captured in this color. In order to create Phthalo Blue, nature was the primary inspiration. It is nature that creates everything.

In terms of its creative process, it’s never ending. The beauty of this environment extends from leaves to seas to the sun. In the modern world, everything about it inspires the likes of no other. Paintings, photographs, and prints use phthalo blue as a pigment.

Cyan Blue Color

Hex Code: #00FFFF

RGB Code: 0,255,255

Blue and green combine to create the Cyan blue color. Mosques especially use this color in their domes. If you aren’t familiar with design, I recommend trying it out.

I would describe the color as somewhere between aqua and turquoise. As it has a similar hue to green, it can be used as a complementary color. In standard RGB color space, this can be represented by the color you see on your computer screen when viewing a video or photograph.

Yinmn Blue Color

Hex Code: #2E5090

RGB Code: 46,80,144

This work of science is called Yunmn Blue Color. A laboratory accident led to its discovery by Mas Subramanian. The story of intense color is impressive.

In contrast to other colors, blue absorbs all others and does not reflect any of them back. Due to this, it creates a shade of black since no other color appears. In Buddhism, nirvana is achieved only when total energy absorption takes place. In front of the water absorption of yellow is the color of the Yinmn blue, which has a darker tint.

Persian Blue Color

Hex Code: #1C39BB

RGB Code: 28,57,187

One of the most critical colors in history is Persian blue. Based on perspectives, it has its roots. It’s already been mentioned by name.

There has never been a more popular color than blue. If you’re looking to create an elegant look in your home, this color gives a sense of depth and space. It looks stunning in any room, but a bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, or bathroom are particularly gorgeous in this color.

The color is similar to indigo, aquamarine, sapphire, and lapis lazuli. Every emotion can be expressed through this hue, including hope, life, and joy.

Denim Blue Color

Hex Code: #1560BD

RGB Code: 21,96,189

Until today, denim blue color remains a distinctive color of old American jeans. Everyone looks cool in denim and a T-shirt.

Those who wear navy often would argue that those are the most worn. Whatever your opinion, the styles are iconic. This color looks great on a variety of different bottoms, as well as for jackets and shoes too.

It is easy to look great when you buy denim blue since there is such a wide variety of options available.

Air Force Blue Color

Hex Code: #5D8AA8

RGB Code: 93,138,168

When the skies are clear, how does it look? The shade of blue known as ‘Air Force Blue’ is purposely chosen to camouflage airplanes flying in the open air.

You can use this color to draw interest, convey a message or emotional effect, or distract your eye from distracting elements, such as lighting, background relief, or chrome.

Oxford Blue Color

Hex Code: #002147

RGB Code: 0,33,71

Those who attend expensive universities may also receive full-color literature. This did not surprise us. The offense is what we do. You can see the Oxford color here.

A trendy color like this could be of interest to you if you are seeking one. In most instances, people think of “Oxford” as a color of blue. As a color, it has both bright and cool hues, which combines beautifully with white and other soft pastels.

Oxford University introduced the Oxford Blue color. It comes in many shades, including light blue, dark blue, and mid-tone blue, making it one of the most common shades found across the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the bluest shade of blue?

YINMN Blue. Mas Blue or Oregon Blue are also named for this hue. The bright blue color of YINMN blue is produced when molten manganese oxide is heated at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. During this experiment, a graduate student from the University of Oregon accidentally discovered this bluest shade.

What is the darkest color blue?

Generally speaking, midnight blue is deeper than navy blue and may be mistaken for black since its shade is so dark that it might be mistaken for black. In comparison to navy blue, it is considered darker.

What color attracts the human eye most?

Green is the result of going through the different ways in which our eyes respond to light by measuring how the rods and cones in our eyes respond to different wavelengths. The human eye is most sensitive to 555 nanometers, which is a bright green wavelength.

What color is closest to indigo?

A shade of blue, indigo in particular, is dark or purplish blue. In his study of the rainbow spectrum, Isaac Newton identified indigo as a color from the spectrum.

Why is YINMN blue so expensive?

YINMN is less toxic than cobalt, which is the type of blue pigment used in the production of other pigments. Unfortunately, pigment is extremely expensive to make due to its ingredients, so it is less accessible.


The shades of blue color have been used for centuries by artists, designers, and architects to evoke a feeling of peace. Blue is also considered the most popular non-binary gender choice in North America because it’s seen as less imposing than pink or purple. These colors are often associated with masculinity, but some shades can be more feminine like azure, teal, and turquoise, which make them perfect for creating an elegant design scheme for your website. This article explored some different blues you could use on your site if you want to give it an air of tranquility while still being professional enough for business purposes. We hope this article was helpful.

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