Best Laptop for Drawing

drawing laptop with pen

Pen and paper or a drawing tablet might come to mind when you think of drawing tools. Artists, graphic designers, and architects have a lot to gain from having a laptop! Technology has improved to the point where touchscreen laptops and stylus pens have become available. Some laptops cannot handle detailed artwork. Here are some … Read more

Top 7 Best Printer for Art Prints Reviews

professional printer for art prints

A good printer is essential for an artist or designer. For displaying your work or providing it to your clients, you need high-quality images that you can print. Physical copies of art prints remain very popular despite digital media’s rapid growth, with no immediate signs that demand will diminish. The number of options on the … Read more

Best Mini Projector for iPhone

best mini iphone projector

Do you ever wish you could show a movie to the kids when camping? Would you like a bigger screen for your iPhone presentation? It is not advisable to own a large projector for any reason. An improved viewing experience requires a larger screen. The portable projector can be helpful in this situation. Using it, … Read more

Best Dual Tray Laser Printer

printer with two paper trays

Picking the best Dual Tray Laser Printer is likely an easy task, but as soon as you start surfing to the open market to meet your demand, it will be daunting to select the best one. You may find many printers with many compound facilities, but in the end, you need to choose the best-rated … Read more

13 Best Cardstock Printers for Printing on Cardstock

commercial cardstock printer

Whether you’re printing postcards for your upcoming wedding event, printing cardstock for a business, or something else, don’t make any mistake of choosing the wrong printer. To select the best printer for printing on cardstock, the first consideration should be the type of printer you choose. Digital printing, offset printing, and screen printing are the … Read more

Best 35mm Slide Scanner

best film scanner

If you’ve been a camera and photography aficionado for some time, you probably know that the best 35mm slide scanner has been the staple of photography for a long time. That said, this way of creating photos has become obsolete. It’s been replaced with digital cameras with which you can create thousands of photos that … Read more

Best Printer for Greeting Cards

greeting card printer

Greeting cards and other forms of formal address using paper and cardboard are getting sort of obsolete due to modern technological advances. That said, one thing is sure – no online message can replace a real-life invitation or a greeting card! For this reason, greeting cards and good ole paper messages are here to stay. … Read more

Top 10 Best Slide Phones Reviews

qwerty keyboard phones

Nowadays, as far as phones are concerned, the most popular type seems to be the large ones with the touchscreen. These types of phones are developed by almost all major manufacturers worldwide, and this trend is likely here to stay. Some of the older technologies in mobile phone design are, although less popular nowadays, still … Read more

Top 10 Best Printer for Graphic Design Reviews

graphic design printer

As a graphic designer, choosing the best printer for graphic design is extremely important. Make sure that the artwork you display for your clients is of the highest quality. A good printer is essential, which is why it is so crucial to pick the right one. If the final product is not an accurate representation … Read more

Netgear CM600 vs CM700

netgear cm600 vs cm700

Nowadays, almost every household has an Internet connection. We’ll compare Netgear cm600 vs cm700 in this article below. Even the most remote tribes in Papua New Guinea have access to Netflix, Amazon, and other entertainment and business platforms out there. For your internet connection to be strong, you need to have a powerful modem and … Read more