Photography Studio Layout

Thinking of starting a studio? How do you know what type of studio is best for you?

Take this simple quiz to determine if you are better suited for a commercial studio, in-home studio, or on-location studio.

Then get studio layout plans suited perfectly for you.

Part I

1. I have capital set aside to invest in starting up and growing my business.

2. I prefer to separate my home life from my work life.

3. I want a variety of workspaces available for shooting and production.

4. I like having control over my lighting.

5. I like having a variety of props, backdrops, lighting styles, and options easily available to me.

6. I like working in a controlled environment, with very few surprises.

7. I like photographing in the same way, again and again, being able to rely on my results.

If you answer mostly yeses to these questions, you may be best suited for having a commercial location for your studio. A commercial location allows you to create distinct settings, and use them continually in your shoots. A commercial location gives you access to a variety of tools to use every day. A commercial location allows you to split up your home and work life, and create a professional appearance.

Part II

1. I have a limited budget.

2. I want the ability to work when I choose.

3. I have a basement, lower level, rooms, or outdoor locations that are perfectly suited for shooting and meeting clients.

If you answer mostly yeses to these questions, a home studio may be best for you. A home studio offers many of the same rewards as opening up a commercial studio location. The main difference is you will be combining your work with your home life. Be conscious of how your client will enter your studio.

  • Will have to go through your kitchen? You may have to watch what you cook when clients are coming over.
  • Will clients see your main living areas? You may have to have extra help keeping it clean and organized.
  • Will clients be able to find your home easily? You may have to create maps and signs to make it easy for them to find you.
  • Will neighbors have issues with the traffic? Some communities have special zoning laws against home businesses. Make sure you know all the rules before you open.

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Part III

1. I love having the freedom to travel anywhere.

2. I prefer to separate my home life from my work life.

3. I like photographing in different locations, with different opportunities, and different conditions.

4. I look at the world as my backdrop, and can find a different scene anywhere.

5. I don’t need a lot of props, and look for things in my environment.

6. I don’t mind working in chaos at times, and love the challenge of trying new things.

7. I like working with technology and being able to use computers to make my job easier from anywhere in the world.

If you answer mostly yeses to these questions, shooting on location may be best for you. Working on location requires the ability to think quickly. You are constantly presented with different options and opportunities – how are you going to approach them? On location gives you the freedom to move around at will, and have the ability to capture some amazing photographs. It opens up your eye to what’s possible in a variety of different situations.

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