Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners

showing the best sublimation printer for beginners

Sublimation can be lucrative and entertaining, but it is also a complex process that requires some knowledge of the technology involved. The reason is simple; you need to know how your design will look on the finished product before designing it. This means knowing what type of ink or substrate you are using and understanding … Read more

How to Print on Leather

man showing how to print on leather

Leather is continuously a tangible substantial from its origin, and now it is in high demand and growth potential in the market. There is a series of modifications and have emerging innovations in the industry of leatherette and apparel in each generation. Leather is eminent not just for apparel and accessories but also for its … Read more

Teespring VS Printful

comparison between teespring vs printful

In the recent past, almost all sectors of the economy have been experiencing significant digital transformations. Shopping from online based stores right from the comfort of your home is now common in our livelihood. With most customers embracing digital shopping in full swing, sellers, marketers, retailers, developers, artists, and designers can benefit from this cost-effective, … Read more

How To Photograph Artwork

artwork photography

While it may seem that scanning a piece of art is a more convenient option than photographing it, the latter is often an overlooked way to capture the essence of a real-life artwork that can at times be just as good as the scan of the same artwork, now read how to photograph artwork. Even … Read more

How to Use Transfer Paper on Fabric

fabric transfer paper

Using transfer paper on fabric is an excellent way of adding color and texture. It’s also an easy technique that can be used for all sorts of projects, from quilting to sewing clothing or home decorating. Transfer papers are available in many different sizes and shapes, so you’ll find one that will work perfectly with … Read more

Inkjet Vs Laser Paper

Inkjet Vs Laser Paper

A look at some of the main differences between inkjet vs laser paper Laser and inkjet printers don’t necessarily require different papers. You can decide to use normal office papers and still have a good printing experience. However, the choice of papers is crucial for both printers because it determines how well they work with … Read more

50 Unique Cool Gadgets to Buy

unique gifts and gadgets

In today’s world, technology is everywhere. People wish to simplify and enhance their lives with innovative and most cool gadgets. There are huge inventions of Cool gadgets that make our life easier & more enjoyable. New cool gadgets are always welcome, whether they make your life easier or are helpful gifts for friends or family. … Read more

Top 10 Best 3D Printer Extruder Reviews

3d printer hotend

Good as they are, they don’t come easy, though. You have to conduct a lot of research that involves comparing the countless options available and picking the suitable model for their needs. This is why we have compiled this list of Top 10 Best 3D Printer Extruder Reviews so that you can pick up the … Read more

How to Clean Printer Heads

how to clean hp inkjet printer heads

If you own a printer, then you must learn how to clean printer heads.  Although all the printer components need proper maintenance, some are more paramount than others. An example of such is the printer’s print heads. These parts require special attention as they can easily get dirty and clogged with ink or toner particles … Read more

How to Reset Printer

how to factory reset hp printer

Step by step guide on how to reset Printer We have various reasons to reset your Printer. The most common reason is that the print head has become dirty or clogged and needs cleaning before printing can resume adequately. If you are having problems with a specific page of text on one side only, it … Read more