How to Print Stickers at Home

One of the most known types of printing products today is a variety of stickers and small stickers, in this post you’ll know how to print stickers at home. They can serve both informational and advertising purposes. Modern printing houses offer a wide range of different formats, shapes, and styles of similar advertising printing. Nevertheless, if you do not want to contact special printing centers, there is an opportunity how to print stickers at home with your own hands. To do this, you will need reasonably simple devices, which you can find in any home (and, if necessary, buy in the nearest store). We will talk about the types of stickers and methods of their manufacture later in the article.

How to Print Stickers at Home

Why do you need stickers?

how to print stickers at home

It may seem to many that the printing of stickers or stickers is not a necessary type of printing product. Such seemingly insignificant products can serve as a carrier of specific information or an excellent advertisement for any brand. The scope of application of the stickers is quite diverse:

  • Interior stickers. They serve as a kind of decor element and help to decorate the room.
  • Labels for food, equipment, medicines, household products, etc. Such stickers usually contain all the necessary information about the product: its composition, rules and shelf life, manufacturer.
  • In some cases, stickers act as advertising printing. For example, if you put a logo or brand name on them.
  • For orientation in the room. Such stickers are used in airports, shopping malls, medical institutions. They help a person navigate in space and indicate the location of an object.
  • Warning signs. They signal an increased danger.
  • Decorative function. Some stickers are used for notepads, laptops, or cars. Such creative stickers can visibly decorate any product.
  • Types of stickers creative and custom stickers for home decor or to decorate technical gadgets. Such products can have absolutely any shape and size.
  • Stencil sticker. The name speaks for itself. These stickers are often placed on a specific surface, painting over some areas of the product. In the end, you can get an original pattern or drawing.
  • Organizer stickers. Thanks to the special surface on such products, you can write with a ballpoint pen or pencil. This type of printing product is trendy among office workers and people who have to write down this or that information regularly. These stickers can be attached to the refrigerator, in a notebook, or on a laptop if necessary.

To carry out the production of how to print stickers at home with your own hands, you must first decide on what type of printing products you want to get in the end. Modern typography distinguishes several categories of stickers:

  • Small stickers. The most popular and widespread option. Many people today rely on typography to print
  • stickers that are used exclusively as decoration. Their feature is that which stickers are visible even in absolute darkness.

How to create stickers with your own hands- tools

how to print stickers at home

Of course, if you want to get a large circulation or high accuracy of the image on the stickers, it is best to use the services of a printing house. Many modern companies use innovative equipment that provides maximum color reproduction and high definition of even the thinnest contour.

However, if your batch of stickers needs to be relatively small or just making stickers for personal use, you can try making them yourself. To do this, you do not need any rare and highly specialized tools. You can create a sticker by getting:

  • Before making stickers with your own hands, you should take care of preparing all the necessary materials. First, you need tools such as scissors or a utility knife. When choosing the right tool, it is essential to pay attention to its blade. It should be as sharp as possible. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the edges of the sticker will turn out to be uneven. In addition, such a sticker will not stick well.
  • Secondly, to make stickers, you need a wide tape, parchment, vinyl, and glue. When choosing an adhesive tape, it is worth considering its width. It must match the label format. In any case, for the self-creation of stickers, it is advisable to give preference to wide adhesive tape. Additionally, glitters and paints can be used.
  • Thirdly, you cannot do without a small amount of warm water. Also, do not forget about the picture, which will become the basis for the sticker. You can print it on an ordinary printer or draw it yourself.

Sticker making process

Many people wonder how to print stickers at home are made. The whole process of creating stickers is pretty simple and won’t take a lot of your time. It consists of the following steps:

  • In the first step, it is necessary to prepare a special adhesive composition. To do this, you will need one bag of gelatin, about 40 ml of boiling water, and one teaspoon of sugar. Add a few drops of aromatic extracts to add originality. All added ingredients must be mixed until smooth. This glue should only be stored in the refrigerator. Moreover, it is necessary to take care of the tightness of the container for the adhesive composition.
  • As for the process of creating a sticker, you need to cut out the picture you like and place it on a regular paper sheet. Next, using a brush, you need to grease the back of the sheet with the prepared glue. Before applying the sticker, make sure that the applied adhesive is completely dry. Before making your paper stickers, you should also take care of a container or bag for storing the stickers.
  • Single or double-sided tape can also be used to make stickers. You need to cut out the print you like and stick it over the tape in the first case. You should take care of the absence of overlaps. Next, you need to smooth out the “laminated” drawing. For this, you can use, for example, a bank card. This procedure should be continued until there is not a single air bubble left under the tape.
  • The almost finished sticker should be placed in any warm water tank. There it should remain for 5 minutes. Then you need to remove it from the water and carefully remove the paper layer. As a result of this action, you will get a printed image on a sticky layer. The sticker will be ready immediately after drying.
  • You can also use 2-sided tape to make homemade stickers. In this case, the manufacturing technology provides for sticking ordinary adhesive tape on the selected pattern. Next, you need to cut out the print and stick a 2-sided tape on its back. After that, you need to remove the protective film from the bottom of the image.
  • The homemade method of making stickers also provides improvised tools that can be found in any home. An example of such a remedy is parchment. When using this method, you will additionally need one-sided tape.
  • To make a sticker using parchment, you need to cut out the image you like. In this case, it is essential to leave a couple of millimeters from its edges. Next, you need to cut off a piece of parchment. Its size should be slightly larger than the size of the picture.
  • You must glue the scotch tape to the prepared parchment. After that, you need to stick the selected print on top of the tape. Now all that remains is to cut out the finished sticker. In this case, you should leave a little space around its edges.

DIY vinyl stickers

how to print stickers at home

A better option is to make vinyl decals. It would help if you had the following tools:

  • Special vinyl film;
  • Ruler;
  • Pencil;
  • Required image (printed or drawn).

The process of making DIY vinyl stickers is very similar to the previous method of making stickers. It includes the following steps:

  • Spread the film on a flat surface with the glossy side down.
  • Armed with a ruler and pencil, transfer the desired image to Oracle.
  • Cut the design to the desired shape and flip the film over to face up the glossy side.
  • Stick a wide tape on top of it.
  • Prepare the surface after cleaning it from dust and dirt.
  • Place the back of the sticker onto the prepared surface. If necessary, secure the sticker with a bit of tape to keep it from moving.
  • Remove the backing from the film and gradually begin to glue the sticker.
  • Try to level the sticker with any flat object in time.
  • After the final bonding of the image, run over it again with a plastic card or other flat objects to avoid trapping air under the decals.

Types of film for vinyl stickers

It is necessary to know how to print stickers at home and what kind of film to use for this. For home vinyl decals, you can choose from the following types of film:

  • Standard – easy to use, but the sticker from it has a short life, the film is suitable for making primitive stickers;
  • High quality – used for lining cars, a special hairdryer is required for application; therefore, it is not recommended for making a sticker at home;
  • Reflective – when applied to a car or outerwear, they perform not only a decorative but also a practical function, since they provide additional safety on the road;
  • Transparent – used for making contour stickers without a background;
  • Light-accumulative – during the day, such a sticker will accumulate the sun’s rays, and at night it will glow.

Before making stickers from any such film, you need to study the instructions.

How to make stickers for clothes and interiors at home

A sticker has long been a great way to decorate an interior, a car, gadgets, and even clothes. A wide range of such jewelry is presented in specialized stores. But it is not always possible to find exactly what you need. It’s good that such stickers can be made by hand.

Adhesive tape stickers

how to print stickers at home

 Such a sticker will not be afraid of water, and to make it, you need items that are always at hand:

  • Scotch;
  • Picture (self-drawn, printed on a printer, cut from a magazine, but not wider than scotch tape);
  • Scissors;
  • Warm water.

 After preparing the materials and tools, you can proceed to the manufacture of the sticker, guided by the following instructions.

  • The picture must be laminated with tape, and this must be done as carefully as possible so that the surface remains smooth, without waves. You only need to glue the tape on the front side.
  • Now the picture needs to be cut out.
  • The last step will be the processing of the workpiece with warm water.
  • The picture must be dipped in liquid. You need to gradually remove the paper with your fingers after the paper is wet (you do not need to use scrapers and knives). As a result of these actions, the picture will remain on the scotch tape, and the excess layers of paper will be removed.
  • You can use the sticker after it dries.

Benefits of homemade stickers

how to print stickers at home

As you can see, the DIY sticker-making process is pretty simple. At the same time, the obtained informational or advertising printing will have a large number of advantages:

  • Waterproof. A property that allows you to stick a sticker for outdoor use.
  • The ability to stick the sticker to any surface. For this, cardboard, wood, plastic, or even iron are suitable.
  • Wear resistance.
  • Resistant to sunlight. The resulting sticker will retain its original appearance as long as possible and will not fade in the sun.
  • Saving. Printing stickers and stickers with your own hands can significantly save your budget. This is because you already have many of the tools you need to make the sticker in your home.

Final Verdict

Feel free to try experimenting. After all, it is not necessary to have expensive special equipment to show your fantasies and create original and creative stickers. Get patience and time; after recovering a little, you can make the perfect sticker that will decorate your car, laptop, phone, etc. With the right approach and the implementation of all processes according to the instructions, the resulting products will be impossible to distinguish from the stickers sealed in the printing house. We hope you found how to print stickers at home in this blog post.

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