How to Make a 3D Drawing

Sketching and drawing are always exciting hobbies for artists. For the last 2 decades, drawing has become a professional task for architects, engineers, and other artists. By sketching with a pencil or digitizing a drawing, many professionals fulfill the requirement in different business sectors.

Making a 3D drawing has 2 different aims, amateur and professional. Additionally, 3D drawing has 2 different parts, like the analog and digital versions. In this article, we will describe how to make a 3d drawing. So, keep calm and discover the vast knowledge of making 3d drawings.

Difference Between 2D and 3D Drawing

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Before starting all the detailed descriptions about making 3d drawings, you should be clear about 2D and 3D drawing concepts. So, let’s discuss the core difference between 2D and 3D drawing below:

  • First of all, you have to understand that the 2D drawing has 2 dimensions. And the 3D drawing has 3 dimensions both in digital and analog versions.
  • Secondly, the 2 dimension drawing displays height and width geometrically. Besides, 3-dimensional drawing has a third dimension to display. Which dimension is known as the depth?
  • With a pencil, you can draw both 2D and 3D elements. But, the drawing tone is different in 3D sketches than in 2D. To draw elements in 3D, you have to understand the perspective, light, and shadow.
  • 2D drawing software is different from 3D too. Adobe, photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft paint tools are good software for 2-dimensional drawing. On the other hand, SketchUp, AutoCAD, and ZBrush are popular software for 3-dimensional drawing.
  • For the mobile phone, AutoCad, GstarCad, ZWCad are popular apps to draw and design. On the other hand, Morphi, Onshape, Prisma3D are popular apps for 3D drawing.

Best Softwares to Make 3D Drawing

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3-dimensional drawing is always an exceptional creative task. You must know the right ways to generate depth on the objects or the characters. There is much software to develop exclusive 3D artworks. The software can make your workflow easier with simple tools.

In this article, we will introduce you to a few popular software. These are the best for 3D artworks. Some of the software is good for architectural drawing. On the other hand, some software has useful tools to create a character. Let’s discuss the software and how to make a 3d drawing with them.

Paint 3D

This is built-in software from the operating system Windows 10. After installing Windows 10, you can find it from the search box. Or you can open this Paint 3D from the start menu too. To work with Paint 3D, you need to know about the tools and their usage. 


SketchUp is a premium quality software to draw 3D elements professionally. This software is perfect for professional architecture. With this SketchUp, you can draw floor plans, landscapes, and industrial products. Civil engineers like to use SketchUp software to visualize their upcoming constructions. Besides, the software has useful tools to make the interior design too.


ZBrush is a very popular software for digital artists. This software is the best for drawing sculptures. Also, you can texture your art piece beautifully with this software. The character designers for computer gaming love this software to create innovative characters. Additionally, this technology is perfect for detailed works with light and colors.


To draw commercial designs, AutoCAD is the best choice. This software is capable of generating 2D and 3D drawing both. 

You will feel comfortable drawing electronic circuits drawing on this software. The product is from the famous software developer that is known as Autodesk. The release date of this software is 1982 for desktop computers.


For the beginner, Blender is the perfect software to develop 3D arts. Though the software is user-friendly for beginner 3D artists, you can make professional designs on it. The most interesting thing about this software is that it is free to access. Additionally, this software is quite good for drawing 3D products, motion graphics, and visual effects.

3Ds Max

The software developer company Autodesk develops 3Ds max to draw 3D objects. For work detailing, this software is best with user-friendly tools. The most powerful feature of this software is the built-in preset bones for character animation. Besides, you can design 3D characters and 3D objects in this software. For coloring and texturing the 3D arts, this software is handy too.


Adobe has developed Adobe Illustrator for commercial printing purposes. But, you can make 3D drawings on it with different types of tools. This software can provide a 3-dimensional perspective by using an integrated camera. Furthermore, you can use several effects to make an object 3 dimensional.

Cinema 4D 

The artists who love motion graphics and text animation love Cinema 4D too. Thus the software has incredible technologies to generate lively 3D artworks. 

The coloring, shadowing, and rendering quality of Cinema 4D is exceptional. This software is also popular for generating high-quality broadcasting graphics.


Adobe Photoshop is the right software to edit photos. But, you can draw 3D objects or 3D characters on them. Photoshop has varieties of tools to make an object 3 dimensional. Moreover, the vivid color bank of this software generates dimensional artworks. Photoshop is also good for generating pencil sketches like artworks.


Generating the environment and landscaping is a hard task to do in 3D. Lumion has been developed to render high-quality landscaping and natural views. Besides, you can set simple character animations in this software like walking, idling, running, sitting, etc.

Making 3D Drawing with Software Tools

To make a 3D drawing with software, you need to know the tools first. If you understand the tools, you can run software easily. In this part of this article, we will introduce various tools.


To draw 3D objects or 3D characters, you need to know about the brushes of the software well. There are different size brushes available in every tool. Generally, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator have customizable options to make a brush thin or thick. These customizable brush options will make you feel like drawing with pencils.


A sharp library of any 3D drawing software is a must to draw easily. Getting different types of shapes, you can select one to start your artwork. Remember, choosing an appropriate shape to draw 3D objects can make your task easier. Additionally, you can use multiple shapes to generate your desirable artworks.


Generating shapes and lines are important to make 3D drawings. Erasing shapes is also another important part of making a detailed drawing. So, know about erasing tools for any drawing with software. Without this, you can not get satisfaction while drawing.


Zoom in and zoom out options of drawing software help the artists most. For an ongoing project, you need to see the whole piece of art. Also, you need to look at the art closely to generate detailed works. Such as, you need to zoom in when you need to work on the eyes, nails, or teeth of a sculpture.


You can not make a piece of art without coloring it. The situation may be different when you want to make a black and white piece of art. But in general, you must colorize your artwork to make it lively. So, a color bank is another tool of every art generating software to fulfill an artist’s requirements.


Solid color makes a piece lively. But, texturing them can make incredible contributions to the arts. Especially when you generate sculpture through ZBrush or 3Ds Max, you must like to use textures. Besides, architectural visualization and interior design need texturing.


Push or Pull tools are a game-changer for digital sculpture artists. These tools are best used for generating 3D character faces. Also, these tools are handy to make curved objects like flower vases, vehicles, furniture, etc. You can use these tools by selecting the vertex of a piece of art in 3Ds Max, ZBrush, and Autodesk Maya.


A text can be a beautiful piece of art with 3-dimensional effects. Besides, texts are the core part of communication for marketing too. So, in artworks, you have to use texts and make 3D drawings of them. In every 3D making software, you will find a text tool with presets. From there, you can make the text a piece of 3D drawing.

How to Make 3D Drawing with Pencils

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3D drawing with pencils is simple, and you do not need to arrange too many accessories. You can arrange a few writing sheets and a pencil. Besides, you can use a pen or colored pencil instead of regular pencils.

However, to make a 3D drawing, you need to learn how to make a 3d drawing with basic shapes. Cube, Cone, Cylinder, and Sphere are the basic shapes to understand 3D drawing. Here, we will share with you the steps to make a 3D cube with several steps:

Making a 3D Cube

Drawing a cube has two different ways than other shapes. The procedure of making a 3D cube is also easier than other shapes. To make Cube with the 3D perspective, you should follow these steps:

Step 1: First, you need to draw two same-size square boxes. The drown boxes must be overlapped on each other.

Step 2: You need to connect the outside of the corners with lines. After that, you need to connect the inner corners of both boxes. In this way, you can make a 3D cube instantly.

Step 3: To draw another cube type; first, you need to draw the same size lines. After drawing 2 lines, you need another line in the middle of the lines.

Step 4: The middle line should be the same in size. After drawing 3 lines, you need to connect the inner points of the lines.

Step 5: Finally, you need to draw a pyramid over 3 lines to connect 3 lines. In this way, you can draw both types of 3D cubes.


What Software is Used for 3D Art?

You can use different types of software for 3D art. SketchUp, ZBrush, 3Ds Max, and Autodesk Max are popular software for generating 3D arts. SketchUp and AutoCad are great software for architectural 3D drawing. Besides, ZBrush, 3Ds Max, and Autodesk Maya are popular for making characters or sculptures.

Is Blender 3D Free?

Blender is a free and open source for 3D artworks. You can use Blender 3D software for rendering and modeling. You can rig and make animation in this software too. 

This software is also good for motion tracking and compositing. You can use Blender 3D for game creating and video editing too.

How Can I Learn 3D Drawing?

Learning 3D drawing may be difficult if you do not know the basics. So, first of all, you have to know how to draw basic 3D shapes. Then you can draw them by using the software. There are a lot of resources on the web and schools in the world to learn 3D drawing too.

What is 3D Art?

3D art is a creation that needs to use polygon or mesh to appear. This art has a three-dimensional view that 2D art does not have. 3D ats have different use sectors like movies, advertisements, websites, computer games, television, etc.

Is Pen an Art Medium?

A pen has black and multiple colored inks to write over the paper. Besides, you can draw, doodle, and sketch with a pen over papers and other media. So, you can use pens as an art medium over papers or acrylics.


In a nutshell, you can say that making a 3D drawing is a simple task. Due to the expansion of digitalization, you can use various software to create 3D artworks. But, you need to know the basics of 3D drawing first.

In this article, we have described different 3D drawing software. Also, we have shared how to make a 3D drawing with software. Hopefully, our discussion will give you a clear concept regarding a 3D drawing and its techniques.

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