How to Draw a Sunflower

One of the most iconic plants on earth is the sunflower. This is a plant that has gained worldwide recognition and admiration for its beauty, size, and uniqueness. They represent some type of joy, happiness, and fulfillment in life. For many people, it’s hard to imagine summer without this vibrant flower in sight. So we’re going to show you how to draw a sunflower as a way of celebrating this awesome plant.

The sunflower is a beautiful flower. It has lots of petals, which are yellow and orange. The center part of the flower is called the disk because it’s round and flat. If you’ve ever been curious about how to draw a sunflower, this post is for you. In this blog post, I’ll show you how to draw a sunflower step by step. It’s an easy tutorial that will have you drawing one in no time.

Draw Sunflower Step by Step

Sunflowers are cute little flowers that have petals in the shape of a smiley face and take up only one square on your page. They also make great decorations for several wishing cards. The steps below show you how to draw a sunflower with simple lines and shapes

Draw a Sunflower Method- 1

In this lesson, we will draw a sunflower and color it. Let’s get started!

Step- 1
a circle
Source: Draw So Cute

We’re going to start by drawing the center of the sunflower. I’m going to draw a circle, but it will be a little bumpy. Start to draw and then go around the shape while making it bumpy or wobbly. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect- you don’t need to be perfect at all. Just have fun with your shape and make it bumpy or wobbly as you go around.

Step- 2
small circle inside the big circle
Source: Draw So Cute

So now let’s come inside again and draw another wobbly circle in order to get our Center there.

Step- 3
petals on the circle
Source: Draw So Cute

Now to draw all the petals that comes with the sunflower. So, basically, your goal is just to surround this circle. so I’m going to draw one petal that comes up. It’s kind of like a little sharp point and then just bring it back down.

Step- 4
many petals around the circle
Source: Draw So Cute

Now, let’s just surround this circle with all these petals to make it look like this. In this case, we will just go around in a circular motion so everything radiates outwards from the center. The petals are going to radiate from each other. Eventually, you should keep it as it is and keep it all the same. However, it does not matter whether it is the same or not. You don’t even have to worry about straying too much since you will just fill it up anyway. Everything should be covered in petals.

Step- 5
how to draw sunflower
Source: Draw So Cute

Now we have the first layer in. Now we are going to come between every petal. These two petals that we drew, and then draw another layer around them. We need to do this all the way around so it will be a full sunflower and make it nice and round. Just make sure that you follow the same direction for each petal as you go.

Step- 6
sunflower outline
Source: Draw So Cute

If you feel that your sunflower is not as full as it could be, try adding more petals. You will want to place them in spots where you think the sunflower needs more petals. This will make the sunflower fuller and better looking.

Step- 7
sunflower with stem
Source: Draw So Cute

I am going to make the stem by drawing a line down the middle. I am doing this because every sunflower has a stem and it is important for the flower to have one.

Step- 8
sunflower with stem and leaves
Source: Draw So Cute

So we have our solid stem tin now. To draw the leaves, I’m going to draw two basic leaves. Let me start with this one first. I’ll just come up and make a curve. Then I’ll bring it down and out. So I am drawing a curve, very basic curve that comes up and then down and then from there, I’m just going to draw as if kind of drawing a heart shape. So we have drawn a leaf.

Step- 9
sunflower drawing
Source: Draw So Cute

The same thing is going to happen here. I’m going to go a little lower and do the same thing on the right. So now we have got two leaves, that’s enough for our sunflower.

Step- 10
sunflower pencil sketch
Source: Draw So Cute

My next step will be to add some details in the centers of each of the front petals. To add some details to each individual petal, I will just flick out a line. On the back of the other one, you can draw some if you like. Just a little bit more texture would make our flower look better. So we’re pretty much done with that now.

Step- 11
colorful realistic sunflower
Source: Draw So Cute

Now I’m coloring the drawing. The color is complicated, but you don’t need to make it that complicated. Remember, you can always try different things and see what works for you.

Source: Draw So Cute

Then all you need to do is to color that center in a kind of warm autumnal brown and then of course paint those petals bright sunshine yellow. You might want to add a little bit of shadow too and there you go how to draw a sunflower real easy.

Final Virdict

We’ve gone over the steps to draw a sunflower. There are many more beautiful flowers out there that we can learn how to draw, but for now, this is all you need. You are now ready to draw a sunflower. Follow the steps we have outlined and you will be drawing your own beautiful, realistic-looking sunflowers in no time. Good luck on your artistic journey and when you’re finished with this one, come back and try another flower. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to draw a sunflower. Keep practicing and soon enough you’ll be able to sketch any flower with ease. Happy Drawing!

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