How to Draw a Carnation

Drawing is a fun hobby to have, and it can be especially cathartic when you draw something you’re feeling inside. Making art can help you relax and let go, and even though there might be some pieces of your artwork that you find horrible, try to put them aside and start a new drawing. Now let’s get started with this article on how to draw a carnation. Carnations are beautiful flowers that can be found in many colors. It can be red, pink, yellow or white. This flower has a unique shape. With the help of this drawing guide, you will be able to draw your own carnation with ease.

This tutorial will show you how to draw a carnation with simple step by step instructions. Carnation is an ordinary flower, but these flowers are becoming more popular in recent years. If you want to draw it, try the following instructions, and your drawing will look great!

How to Draw a Carnation Step by Step: 4 Methods

The carnation is such a delicate flower yet so pretty. These flowers are typically found in red, pink, orange, and yellow colors, with variations of purple or white sprinkled within. Like other flowers we have tackled, these flowers also have petals for obvious reasons. The article on this site is created for both amateurs and professional artists. We try to explain our steps as clearly and accurately as possible so that everyone from beginners to experts can follow along easily.

Method- 1: Draw Multiple Carnation Step by Step

step by step carnation drawing guideline

Step- 1: Draw Central Petals

curved lines to draw flower

To begin, draw the first petal. With a jagged, wavy line, the central petal creates an irregular shape. Then, start by enclosing the first petal with equal wavy petals.

Step- 2: Draw Outer Petals

carnation flowers inner part drawing

Encircle the central portion of the flower with petals in various shapes. Create each petal with wavy, jagged lines.

Step- 3: Draw The Sepal

carnation flowers outline drawing

Next, draw the sepal, the green bulbous part of the flower that attaches the blossom to the stem. Below the flower, first, draw something similar to a “W.” Make a curve from the “W,” then double the line back on itself.

Step- 4: Draw Second Flowers Petals

drawing second carnation flower

You will now draw the petals for the second flower. Create an irregular shape for the central petal by enclosing the surface with wavy, jagged lines. Add additional petals to the first one in a similar fashion.

Step- 5: Add More Outer Petals


Draw more additional petals to the flower along the outside edges, using wavy lines to surround them.

Step- 6: Draw One More Sepal


Make a “W” shaped line below the flower. The sepal will form by enclosing a “U” shaped line underneath it.

Step- 7: Draw Stems of The Flower

outlines of two carnation flowers

Draw a pair of narrow, parallel lines from the bottom of each sepal. Finally, use a short line to connect each set of lines. These will be the stems of the flower. There are opposite slant angles on the stems, and they cross one another at their bottom.

Step- 8: Draw Leaflets on Each Stems


Draw leaflets by erasing part of the stem. Incorporate curved lines throughout the stem beginning at the bottom. At the top, you can connect them with a curve “W” shaped line, crossing the stem.

Step- 9: Draw Some Leaves on Stems

small leaves growing

The stems should have small leaves growing from them. Put two curved lines at the same point for each leaf. Indicate a vein with another curved line in the middle of the leaf.

Step- 10: Color It

colored carnation flower drawing with stem

Give your carnation a color. The colors of these flowers can range from white, pink, purple, red, and green.

Method- 2: Draw Carnation in Six Easy Steps

a carnation drawing easy steps

Step- 1: Draw Center Petals

sketch a few petals

The first step to drawing a carnation is to sketch a few petals. The petals of a carnation consist of many smaller and individual elements that combine to form a round shape.

Let’s draw three petals at a time. There will be several shapes, but a central point will connect each.

You can give some flow to these petals by drawing some bumpy lines that are irregular. In order to move on to step 2, you must draw these petals following the reference image.

Step- 2: Draw More Petals


After completing the first step of your carnation drawing, you can now build on what you learned by adding petals.

Adding more petals around the three already drawn will help build up layers for the flower.

A similar bumpy line will be drawn on these new petals, and as before, you can vary their shape and size as well.

Lastly, you can add minor line details to these new petals to finish this step.

Step- 3: Draw Many More Petals

line detail to the petals

Now that you have shown your ability to draw petals, we will move on to the next part of our guide on drawing carnations!

By building up more layers, you will be able to build up your flower. Draw the carnation, keeping in mind that it has a rounded general shape.

Petal sizes will also increase as the flower approaches its outer edge.

Make sure you add even more line detail to the petals after recreating the carnation as it appears in our reference image.

In the next few steps, you will work on the stem and other flower portions when you are satisfied with the petals.

Step- 4: Draw the Top Half of the Stem

drawing of a carnation

Now that you’ve drawn the flower, you should move on to the stem for this part of your drawing of a carnation.

The carnation’s long, spindly stem is known as its signature feature, and we will start with that now. Draw some small leaves with pointed tips below the flower’s body using curved lines.

Continue drawing the stem with a rounded, almost bulbous base, and finally, draw the longer leaves fluttering down.

Let’s move on to the next step, finishing off the stem!

Step- 5: Finish Off Your Carnation Drawing

carnation flowers outline

A long and thin stem is an important characteristic of this flower, and we will finish off that aspect in the following step of this guide to drawing a carnation.

Draw two long lines parallel to one another from the base of the stem’s upper part down. Make them as long as possible to give the stem some length.

At the base of the stem, add some long, curving leaves that curl up.

As soon as you have completed the stem, the drawing is complete! You will also have the opportunity to add a few more details before moving on.

Step- 6: Add Some Color

carnation drawing

The carnation drawing has now reached its conclusion. It will be fun to express your creativity in this step since you get to use some pretty amazing colors!

The petals and stem were colored in reds and pinks to accomplish our reference image, whereas the stem and leaves were colored in greens.

One of the great things about carnations is their wide range of colors. This means you can color your creation however you want.

If you play around with some cool art tools and mediums, you can come up with some stunning colors. Have fun!

Your Carnation Drawing is Complete!

The six steps of drawing a carnation have been completed, and hopefully, you enjoyed drawing this pretty flower.

The petals of this flower are so detailed, and there are so many details that it can be a bit tricky to draw them properly, so we wanted to make it easy and fun to draw.

Method- 3: Draw Simple Twin Carnation

Step- 1: Draw the Base

two horned shapes

Drawing the base of the flower looks like two horned shapes are the first step to drawing carnations. After that, draw the stem.

Step- 2: Draw Flower Pods

flower pods with the hanging leaves

Draw the actual flower pods with the hanging leaves and base pods and the pods that the flower actually grows in.

Step- 3: Draw the Leaves and Stems

leaves and stems of the carnation

It would be better to draw in the leaves and stems of the carnation first, rather than just starting with the flowers. Then sketch the two leaves after drawing out the thick stems.

Step- 4: Draw Some Rings Around the Flowers

petals of a carnation

In this picture, it appears that the petals of a carnation are loose and separated. Draw some rings around the flowers that will look like pedals. Make the edges of the pedals serrated. Next, move on to step five.

Step- 5: Draw in the Pod

red and blue colors carnation flower outline

You will need to draw in the pod with some ruffled poles like so, and make sure that your carnations are drawn very neatly so a person can see what the species of flower you just drew is. Erase all lines and shapes drawn in step one.

Step- 6: You are Done Drawing the Carnation

two carnation flowers outline

The finished product should look like this when you’ve finished. Your new carnations can now be colored in any shade you choose. It’s been a blast teaching you guys how to draw carnations.

Method- 4: Easy Carnation Drawing

Step- 1: Draw a Circle

a circle
Source: Wensdi Made

Using a pencil, lightly draw a squashed circle shape. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s just a guide.

Step- 2: Make a Spaceship Shape

spaceship shape drawing
Source: Wensdi Made

Draw another squashed circle below. You will get a weird ‘Spaceship’ looking thing.

Step- 3: Add Stem

spaceship shape drawing with a flower stem
Source: Wensdi Made

Draw an oblong that trappers at the bottom, like a takeaway coffee cup. Add a stick coming out of the bottom.

Step- 4: Add Lots of Tiny Little ‘M’

Source: Wensdi Made

Using a pen, add lots of tiny little ‘M’ shaped squiggles at the top of the squashed upper circle.

Step- 5: Draw More Bigger M

Carnation flowers inner part drawing
Source: Wensdi Made

Start to add bigger and more mutated ‘M’ shapes. If you have a shaky hand here, it will work in your favor.

Step- 6: Draw Bottom Petals

Source: Wensdi Made

Add three long thin petals on the bottom and surround everything with five to seven large petals.

Step- 7: Outline the Stem

Source: Wensdi Made

Outline the stem and stalk. Add leaves if you want to.

Step- 8: Add Details

Source: Wensdi Made

Now, start adding little lines and details to the petals that give that distinctive crinkly carnation look.

Step- 9: Erase all Guidelines

outline of a carnation drawing
Source: Wensdi Made

Erase all of your pencil lines.

Step- 10: Color the Petals Tips

Source: Wensdi Made

Color the tips of your petals with your choice of color.

Step- 11: Color Entire Flower

carnation drawing step
Source: Wensdi Made

You can also color the entire thing with a marker pr Copic like here did. Pink carnation represents a mother’s love. This is the perfect choice for a mother’s day card.

Step- 12: Color Leaves and Stem to Finish

colorful carnation flower drawing
Source: Wensdi Made

Color the stem and leaves using green color, and you are done drawing a carnation flower.

Source: Wensdi Made

Final Words

The next time you wish to draw that impressive bouquet of flowers, then draw a carnation. You will love the simplicity and the beauty of this flower that you have brought to life on paper, just for you. This flower is great to show off and get your creative juices flowing. We hope this tutorial was able to help you learn how to draw a carnation step by step.

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