How to Draw a Brick Wall

A brick wall is a structure mostly made of bricks that are stacked to form a wall. Drawing a brick wall or brick fence isn’t difficult. It’s actually pretty simple if you know how to draw dark and light shapes well. So, if you’re a new artist and not sure what to draw, that’s okay. Even the greats went through that phase. You can start out drawing simple things like a brick wall. Drawing the brick wall is not difficult if you follow the instructions on how to draw a brick wall step by step and apply them with care. Sure enough, in no time, you’ll be drawing brick walls like a pro!

This article will teach you how to draw a brick wall step by step. It is not very hard to draw, but it has lots of bricks and can become a challenge if you don’t use the right technique and tools. However, after reading this article, it will be a piece of cake for you, and you won’t have any problems finishing it. All that’s required is a piece of paper and a pencil.

How to Draw a Brick Wall: 4 Methods

Brick walls are one of the most common wall types, and they’re a great choice for medium to large buildings. Whether you’re an architect, designer, or hobbyist, learning to draw brick walls is a beneficial skill. Brick walls can be shown in many different ways, but this article focuses on the most common method for drawing them on paper.

Method- 1: Draw an Easy Brick Wall

This will be the easiest among the methods we will show you here. You can use it to fill in blank spaces in your artwork and backgrounds. This wall draws in a circle to save a little time.

Step- 1: Draw Straight Line

a straight line on circle

To begin, draw a straight line horizontally.

Step- 2: Draw More Straight Lines

many straight lines on a circle

Draw more horizontal lines until your entire area consists of horizontal lines evenly spaced apart. You can use a ruler to make your lines more consistent. You can think of this as free-hand drawing.

Step- 3: Draw Verticle Lines

brick shaped circle art

Your next step is to draw the vertical lines representing the brick’s sides. It is best if the spaces between (the bricks) are approximately the same size.

Step- 4: Continue Drawing Verticle Lines

drawing brick wall

Continue drawing vertical lines on top of the bricks from the row below to complete the next row.

Step- 5: Complete Bric Wall Drawing

brick wall drawing

Repeat this method until your brick wall is complete and all of your rows have been filled in. These types of brick wall drawings are made by drawing lines that serve as the mortar between the bricks. In the example, you can see that all horizontal lines line up every other row.

Method- 2: Draw a Brick Wall Step by Step

Step- 1: Draw Curved Line


You can draw cracks in the plaster by using curved lines, revealing the bricks beneath due to the plaster crumbling. Allow lines to meet at jagged points and use lines of different lengths.

Step- 2: Draw More Curved Line


Keep drawing the hole in the plaster to understand its irregular shape better. Include curved lines of different lengths that intersect at jagged points.

Step- 3: Complete The Cracked Wall Outline


Complete the hole in the plaster in an irregular shape. Make multiple curved lines that converge at jagged edges.

Step- 4: Draw Some Brick On The Crack Outline


Now, the first thing you should do is to start drawing the bricks. Each brick should resemble a rectangular shape with rounded corners. Partially enclose the shape’s edges with rectangles. Note how some of the bricks have indentations in or slight protrusions from the rectangle that give them a natural appearance.

Step- 5: Draw More Bricks


Draw more rows of bricks. Again, rectangular bricks should be formed with rounded corners. Enclose the shape with rectangles along its edges. In addition, some of the bricks show natural-looking irregularities – indenting and protruding from the rectangular shape.

Step- 6: Complete the Inner Brick Drawing


Completing the bricks is the next step. It is important to remember that whole bricks should resemble rectangular shapes with rounded corners. It is necessary to surround the shape with partial rectangles. In addition, some bricks have interesting irregularities – indents and protrusions that do not match the shape of the rectangle. Finish by drawing cracks along some of the points of the hole – curved, wavy lines.

Step- 7: Add Details


Draw more cracks along the outer edge of the hole.

Step- 8: Add More Crack lines


Extend the existing cracks in the plaster with curved lines, which represent additional cracks.

Step- 9: Draw Some Tiny Cracks on Bricks


Make sure the bricks themselves have texture by drawing cracks. Draw curved lines with short lengths. Make sure the plaster appears cracked as well.

Step- 10: Color It

cracked wall brick drawing

Fill in the cartoon brick wall with color. Bricks are usually brown or red. However, they can also be tans, creams, blacks, or even pinks.

Method- 3: Draw a Two Point Perspective Graffiti Brick Wall

Step- 1: Draw a Straight Line

a straight line

Draw a horizon line and mark two vanishing points on the left and right sides of your paper.

Step- 2: Draw a + Sign

a plus sign

In the middle of the page, draw a vertical line extending close to both the top and bottom of the page but not touching it.

Step- 3: Connect the Vanishing Points

a geometric shape

Connect the vanishing points on the left and right sides of the middle line. Next, connect the left and right vanishing points to the bottom of the middle line. The result will be a diamond-shaped shape.

Step- 4: Draw More Vertical Line


Draw a vertical line on the left and right sides of the rectangle. Vertical lines should intersect at a 90-degree angle with the horizon line. Using a ruler, divide the page into at least four equal sections along the middle line.

Step- 5: Connect to Vanishing Points


Join those marks to the vanishing points on the right and left.

Step- 6: Start Drawing Bric Shapes

drawing bricks

You can now draw your brick lines. Make vertical lines parallel to the horizon line starting at the top. Moving away from the vanishing point, lines will become closer together, and bricks will be more spaced out. Place bricks at the same distance and skip every other line.

Step- 7: Draw More Brick Lines Between Horizontal Lines


Draw brick lines in the middle of the horizontal lines over the remaining rows. This will give the impression that the bricks are staggered.

Step- 8: Complete Brick Drawing on Other Side Also


Follow the same steps on the other side.

Step- 9: Erase All Guidelines


Get rid of the horizon line and any remaining guidelines using an eraser.

Step- 10: Draw Sidewalks


Draw the sidewalk with lines. Each diagonal line must converge with a vanishing point.

Step- 11: Draw More Sidelines


Let’s draw some sections on the sidewalk. On the left sidelines, the point of vanishing will be aligned to the right, whereas on the right sidelines, the point of vanishing will be aligned to the left. In moving towards the vanishing point, these lines will become closer together.

Step- 12: Draw Another Building


You can add another building behind the brick wall. Connect the sides of the vertical line to the left and right points of vanishing.

Step- 13: Draw Window


You need to draw windows. Their alignment will also point toward the vanishing point.

Step- 14: Erase Remaining Guidelines

brick wall outlines

Delete any remaining horizon lines and guidelines behind the building.

Step- 15: Draw Graffiti Words

letters on wall

Identify the graffiti by its name. Create your font by lightly sketching out a few simple line drawings. Use the brick wall lines as a guide to create the illusion of the name being in two-point perspective. Using the lines will appear that the letters are going back to the vanishing point.

Step- 16: Outline Letters


Outline the letters using whatever graffiti font you choose using the simple line sketch as a guide.

Step- 17: Add Color, Shadow, Details

colorful graffiti wall letters

If there is a line behind one of the letters, erase it. Once your graffiti font is done, add some color, shadows, and details.

Step- 18: Add Shadding


Your picture will look better if you add shading. Since the light source in this demo is at the top right corner, the left side of the building/wall will be darker. The left sidewalls will also cast a shadow.

Step- 19: Draw Black Sky Behind the Building


If you want black skies, either fill the sky with black or mount your drawing on black paper.

Step- 20: Draw a Moon and Some Stars

graffiti brick wall drawing

Create a night sky by adding the moon and stars with white paint/gel pens, and you’re done!

Method- 4: Draw a Brick Wall with Mortar

Next, we will use a more challenging method, but it will look more detailed and advanced.

Step- 1: Draw a Circle Shapes Brick Wall

simple brick wall drawing

We will use a mechanical pencil since most of my guidelines will be erasable before completing the sketch. You should begin by drawing your wall in the same manner as the previous example.

Step- 2: Create Some Gaps Between Bricks

pencil drawing brick

Create a small gap between each brick by drawing each brick within the guidelines.

Step- 3: Create Gaps All Over the Wall

brick drawing

Each brick needs to be done in the same way. It is a good idea to make the bricks slightly uneven. The bricks on your wall can be drawn in many different ways to give it a slightly different look.

Step- 4: Complete Your Brick Wall Drawing

mortar brick wall drawing

This is an example of the final drawing. Compared to the first example, this is a bit more detailed and interesting. However, it does take a little more time to put together. Overall, it is worth the time and effort. Erase all guidelines from your drawing and clean it up.

Final Words

Drawing is so fun. Even if it’s a drawing of something very simple or even just the bricks, you will have a lot of fun creating this drawing. If you love drawing, create this simple picture and obtain satisfaction from all the surprises that await you. These techniques are not difficult to learn and will enable you to create your own brick wall drawing. After practicing these techniques, you’ll be easily able to draw similar things. We hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial on how to draw a brick wall.

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