How Much to Print at Staples

Almost any customer who applies to a printing company has quite logical questions: what makes up the cost of a print run? Is it possible to reduce it without losing product quality? As in any other production, the price of a printed edition directly depends on its cost.

How Much to Print at Staples

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This includes:

  • Product type (e.g., posters, flyers, brochures, calendars).
  • Circulation size.
  • Size of the product (final format, unfoldable, e.g., brochure).
  • Paper quality and density.
  • Stages of finishing (mounting, cutting, laminating, embossing).
  • Existence of layout.
  • The need for color proofing, etc.

Staples apply an individual and creative approach to each client. Here they listen to you and consider all your needs. Staples is committed to providing a printing service with minimal inconvenience. And they are proud that many of their customers have become their partners and their friends.

If you are not ready to overpay for printed products, you should understand precisely with whom you agree: with a direct manufacturer.

Sometimes small firms offer a package of printing services, but at the same time, they cannot boast of all the necessary equipment. Therefore, they have to resort to the help of other companies, and the cost of intermediary services is always higher. True, today on the market you can find a variety of offers.

In addition, cooperation with an intermediary always carries additional risk since the quality of work, and the timing of the provision of services does not depend on such a contractor. Therefore, there is always a possibility that the order will not complete on time, and marriage issues are another serious problem.

This means that it is better to work with intermediaries pointwise. For permanent cooperation, it is more reasonable to agree with printing houses that can provide a full production cycle due to all the necessary equipment.

To understand the cost of circulation and choose between cheap and expensive printing, you need to know precisely what the price consists of. The cost price includes the actual price of the copy, consisting of the cost of material, paint, equipment depreciation, production costs, administrative costs.

In this case, when choosing between cheap and expensive printing, you have the opportunity to change only the main parameters of the order:

Circulation Size

With Staples, the larger the number of copies, the cheaper the production unit. But if you need to correct the layout, then due to the repeated production of offset forms, the savings will not be so big. Today, digital printing allows you to change the design at no additional cost.


This characteristic depends on the technical features of the technique used in the printing house. In other words, circulations are printing on sheets of a specific format, individual for different types of machines. This means that the work cost may affect by the layout of the product on a printed sheet – due to the optimal arrangement, it is possible to reduce costs significantly.

The former is a bit more expensive when comparing double-sided and single-sided printing. But in the end, it turns out to be more profitable since the price of printing services rises slightly, while the customer receives twice as much advertising space.

Paper Quality

The higher the density, the more expensive the finished product. You also need to consider the type of paper: for example, printing on designer embossed paper, vinyl, the cardboard will cost a large amount.


Usually, large printers charge extra for urgent orders because they have everything planned for several weeks in advance. This means that to take on an unscheduled order, you have to change the schedule or increase the duration of the work shift.


If there is an opportunity to use fewer colors, you need to use it—for example, print black and white pages on a risograph and color cover.

Replacement of costly operations. If foil stamping was originally planning in your order, consider replacing it with metallic ink printing. And offset varnish will save money that can spend on lamination.


Be interested in how the size of the product you have chosen fits the printing technology. It happens that by changing the size of just a few millimeters, you can significantly save materials.

Additional Services

This includes prepress and post press processing. Under the first understanding, design, layout, writing text, preparation of offset forms, color proof. While the second includes cutting, folding, creasing, punching, stitching, numbering, laminating, perforating, embossing, binding, foiling, etc.

Be sure to check in advance if the printer can provide you with additional services. If you can limit yourself to printing, you should look for another partner to order cheap or expensive printing.

To save money, learn about prefabricated runs. This is the name of special offers subject to time limits, with fixed formats, quantity, and copy price. Components of the cost of printing

True, low cost is not always reasonable. After all, it consists of some indicators, and not all of them can change. Competition often leads printers to cut prices by using poor quality materials and failing to deliver on time. As a result, a dissatisfied customer receives a damaged edition. Whereas companies with a good technological base will not offer such a nice price, they will do quality jobs for a very affordable amount.

Options for Saving on Printing without Losing Quality

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The easiest way to save on materials is in the manufacture of printing. Newsprint, offset paper will cost much less than coated paper. The difference in price lies in the method of manufacture and the presence of manufacturing companies in Russia. It is also essential that booklets, leaflets, flyers look great even if some types of offset paper were used in their manufacture. The biggest savings can be made by replacing expensive paper with cheaper paper in the inner block of multi-page products or a large print run.

However, you need to understand that there are restrictions on color reproduction, printing, and finishing on some types of printing equipment for newsprint and offset paper. Options for saving on printing without losing quality

The Number of Colors

Using two colors, black and white printing allows you to get cheaper printing instead of expensive. Typically, such formats are used in the case of replication on a risograph, which causes restrictions on the transfer of halftones, the use of small text, and the filling of plates. If color is needed, it can be added with colored offset paper.

Printing digitally or offset also allows you to reduce the cost of circulation due to black and white or two-color printing. There must be no technical restrictions here.

Format, Printing Method, Number of Copies

When choosing a brochure or leaflet format, it is better to stay at standard sizes for this product. They are designed to accommodate the maximum number of copies on the printed sheet.

The larger the print run, the cheaper the print unit. We are talking about increasing the number of printed sheets. So, if you need two or more leaflets, but you agree to the same color and paper, then such a simultaneous order will be cheaper.

Work on a risograph for any circulation is cheaper than digital or offset printing. This copier handles short and long runs, but specific layout requirements must be met to use it.

The key indicator you need to build on when choosing a full-color printing method is circulation. For example, digital printing will be the best option if the order is to produce leaflets in a small print run of no more than 500 copies. If more pieces are required, the unit price will be lower when using an offset press. The rule applies here: the more copies, the more profitable the service. But don’t be under any illusions – price reduction is possible only up to certain limits.

Savings When Ordering Image Products

It may seem unusual, but in this case, there is a chance to get relatively cheap printing, instead of expensive, without losing status. Here, savings are achieved due to the good work of the designer and marketer. After all, well-designed black-and-white flyers on offset paper sometimes look more stylish and expensive than full-color booklets with cutting and varnishing. Even if you do not consider such different options, the cost of original materials post-print processing can vary greatly. Hence, you need to pay special attention to their choice.


In advertising and business printing, the customer always seeks to reduce costs. At the same time, the quality of printed products should not suffer. Staples will explain what the price of a print run depends on when accepting an order in your particular case. And they will be happy to advise you on what you can save on.

If you do not have a layout, their competent designers will make it, taking into account all your wishes and technological nuances.

Contact Staple by phone numbers listed in the “Contacts ” tab. They guarantee that you will receive a high-quality order and at the best price.

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