How Much Does Printer Paper Cost

Operating a printer the right way requires accessories to keep it running smoothly. The printer is one of the greatest inventions in this modern century. It helps the user print papers and pictures that you can use for education and decorations. The usefulness of a printer is very significant. It handles lots of work very efficiently. Furthermore, it saves time as well.

There are some specific items you need to keep a printer running. Inks and papers are the most essential of all. Without these two items, you can’t use a printer. Hence, you must have these two to use your printer to print something you desire. Otherwise, you can’t operate a printer properly.

Printer papers are the main item you need if you require results. As you need printing results, you need paper for that. In the case of a printer, there are specific papers for it. So, not all kinds of papers will work on a printer.  There are unique printer papers that are specifically designed for printers. They come in different sizes and qualities. Today, we will discuss how much does printer paper cost. Stick till the end and find out how much cash you may need for printer papers. 

How Much Does Printer Paper Cost?

A printer can come in various types. They have multiple purposes that suit different scenarios. You cannot use an inkjet printer for cardstock sheets. So, specific printers are only best for that particular line of work. The following are some types of printers that exist in the market.

  • Laser Printer
  • Thermal Printer
  • 3-D Printer
  • Inkjet Printer
  • LED Printer
  • Dot Matrix Printer

Asides from these, there are others as well. Despite that, these are the ones that are much more popular. So, the different printers work in their distinct scenarios. There are various sorts of printers. They serve a variety of functions and use in multiple situations. Cardstock sheets can’t print using an inkjet printer. As a result, certain printers are exclusively suitable for that field of work. Check below to find out the cost per sheet of different printer variants.

Inkjet Papers

printer white paper

Inkjet printers are best for homes. There are inkjet printers that design for offices as well. So, inkjet printers are affordable, and if the users utilize the printer correctly, they can save lots of money. For residential use, inkjet printers are ideal. There are also office-oriented inkjet printers. Inkjet printers are very inexpensive, and customers may save a lot of money if they use them effectively.

The inkjet papers have multiple variants, such as smaller size and glossy. The most noteworthy feature of this paper is it can absorb ink quite nicely. It is also relatively thicker. So, the inkjet name shows that it works better for inkjet papers. 

It can deliver crisp results if it comes from an inkjet printer. Inkjet papers are mainly used for photographs, business, and greeting cards. Inkjet sheets come in various sizes and finishes, including smaller and glossy versions. 

The most notable quality of this paper is its ability to absorb ink well. It’s also a little bit thicker. As a result, the word inkjet denotes that it works best with inkjet sheets. If it originates from an inkjet printer, it can provide sharp results. Photographs, business cards, and greeting cards are the most common uses for inkjet materials.

A single sheet of inkjet paper costs around 7.5 cents if it’s for black and white. So, they are lowly priced, making them affordable for all.

Laser Paper

workspace blank paper on wooden table

Laser printers are best in office areas. In in-office regions, you need to print daily in-office regions, and a laser printer is handy in this situation. It works well in-office cases, as the sheets and inks are compatible for those scenarios in offices. Laser papers are the most common sorts of printer papers. They are suitable for office environments. It is perfect for printing memos, invoices, and other documents required in workplaces. Matte finish is the significant quality of laser papers.

All of them come in this matte finish. The most popular type of printer paper is laser paper. These are appropriate for use in offices. It’s ideal for printing notes, invoices, and other vital documents in the office.

Laser sheets have a matte surface, which is an important feature. This clear matte finish sees on all of them. It’s excellent for printing office notes, bills, and other vital documents. The matte surface of laser sheets is a significant property. On all of them, the matte finish is the same.

A single sheet of laser paper may cost around 1 cent. It is pricing so that it suits well for commercial purposes.

Cardstock Paper

cardstock on desk

The flyers, trading cards, and business cards you see are cardstock papers. They are thick from the appearance and holding it, and the durability is high. Due to its durability, it has fewer chances of receiving damage while transporting it. 

Yet, with the high quality comes a higher price. Cardstock materials are using for flyers, trading cards, and business cards. They seem thick and have a long lifespan based on appearance and handling. 

Because of its toughness, it is less likely to sustain harm when being transported. However, excellent quality comes at a premium cost. Flyers, trade cards, and business cards are all made of cardstock. Look, handling appears thick and has a lengthy lifespan based on face and handling. It is less likely to damage when transport due to its hardness. Excellent quality, on the other hand, comes at a premium price.

Lookout while printing in cardstock papers. They have a habit of getting stuck in the printer. Now, the cost of a single cardstock paper is around 10 cents.

Label & Bond Paper

thermal label paper

When you purchase any items, there is a receive with it for the proof of purchase. Again, when you see labels, they come from specific papers. So, label & bond papers come are the same type of paper specially designing for this particular purpose. 

They are much thicker and carry a unique texture-type feeling. The usage of this paper starts from minor tasks to business and even arts as well. The printer uses heat to burn the photo into these specific papers. Hence, it saves lots of money behind ink as well.

Furthermore, it prevents any smearing. Any item you buy comes with a receipt as evidence of purchase. Labels are also made from materials when you view them. As a result, label and bond papers are the same paper specifically developed for these tasks.

They’re somewhat thicker and have a distinct texture. This paper may be used for various purp, fr, from tasks to business and even the arts. So, to burn the photo into this paper, the printer employs heat. As a result, money is saved in the ink department. It also avoids smearing.

It costs around 5 cents per bond or label paper. It’s demanding as business increases quite rapidly now.

Photo Papers

printing images

Photo papers have two types which are matte and glossy. The most common variant you will see is the shiny kind. It is more likely to be found in stores. Despite that, matte is also helpful in some cases. 

However, both variants are designed to deliver you the highest quality yield. For that, you need to use inkjet printers. The photo papers are thicker than inkjet and laser papers. Hence, it is one of the most expensive types of printing paper in the market. 

There are two sorts of photo papers: matte and glossy. The glossy version is the one you’ll see the most. Stores are more likely to carry it. Despite this, matte might be helpful in some situations.

On the other hand, both varieties are designed to provide maximum quality output. Inkjet printers are required for this. In comparison to inkjet and laser sheets, photo papers are thicker. As a result, it is one of the costliest types of printing paper available.

A single photo paper costs around 10 to 12 cents. It depends on the brand of the form. Generally, they don’t cost more than 15 cents, making it the costliest variety of printing papers in the market.

Multipurpose Paper

blank multipurpose paper

At last, there are the multipurpose papers.  If you compare laser papers and multipurpose papers, they both carry similarities. Yet, they are classified as another variant of printer paper. They are much thinner and more affordable. 

The papers are usually found next to the printers in the office. It’s trendy since it is an affordable substitute. One con of this paper is it lacks accuracy in colors. It struggles when you use a large amount of ink on a single piece of paper. 

Finally, there are versatile papers. When laser and multifunctional documents are compared, they have a lot. Despite this, they are categorized as a different type of printer paper. They are substantially slimmer and less expensive. In the office, the pieces are frequently found near the printers.

It’s popular because it’s a cost-effective alternative. One disadvantage of this material is that it lacks color accuracy. When you put a lot of ink on a single sheet of paper, it struggles.

In markets, multipurpose paper costs around 1 or 2 cents. It does not cost more than that making it very affordable.

How Much Does a Box of Printer Paper Cost?

The printer paper box has different capacities depending on the brand. So, not all pack of printer paper carries the same number. Yet, there is an average amount you will see in the market. The following points will help you to know that.

  • 500 sheets in a box = 9.99 dollars
  • 1000 sheets in a box = 19.99 dollars
  • 100 sheets in a box= 2.99 dollars

These are the typical type of boxes you will find in the market. Again, you might encounter different numbers as well. The orthodox way is the number in the above. Depending on the brand, the capacity of the printer paper box varies. 

However, on the market, there is a set amount. The following points will assist you in understanding this. These are the most prevalent types of boxes on the market. You can also come across a different number. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Does a Ream of Printer Paper Cost?

A ream contains around 500 sheets. Depending on the brand and paper type, the prices may differ. Yet, the standard rate of a ream of paper may cost about 6 dollars or even more.

  • How Much Does a Case of Printer Paper Cost?

Around 500 or more sheets make to a case. Prices may vary depending on the brand and kind of paper used. However, the average cost of a ream of paper is approximately $8 or even more.

  • How Much Does a Box of Printer Paper Cost?

A case is made up of 100 or more sheets. A piece of paper varies based on the brand and kind of paper used. On the other hand, a ream of paper can cost as much as $3 or $4 or more.

  • Why is Printer Paper so Expensive?

It depends on the type of printer paper. Not all printer papers are expensive. The expensive variant of printer paper is photo paper. They have excellent quality, that is why they cost more.


If you want to get results, you’ll need a lot of printer paper. You’ll need the form because you’ll be printing the findings. There are technical papers for printing in the case of a printer. As a result, not all types of writing will operate with a printer. There are unique printer papers created particularly for printers. They are available in a variety of sizes and grades. We’ll talk about how much does printer paper cost nowadays. Keep reading to find out how much money you’ll need for printer paper.

To maintain a printer functioning, you’ll need a few essential components. The most crucial supplies are inks and paper. A printer cannot function without these two things. As a result, you’ll need these two to operate your printer. You can’t use a printer correctly if you don’t have this.

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