How Much Does Printer Ink Cost

A printer is a highly helpful tool, especially if you live in today’s world. In workplaces and business settings, printing papers and projects are required. The amount of money you will have to spend on printer ink, on the other hand, is ridiculous. The price is greater than the printer’s price. It is possible that you will not see its point at all. Have you ever considered why this occurs? Today, we will go over how much does printer ink cost with you.

How Much Does Printer Ink Cost?

printer ink cost

According to brand and capacity, black ink cartridges cost about sixty hundred and twenty dollars a year if purchased three to four times annually. However, color ones are more costly, ranging between seventy-five dollars to a hundred & fifty dollars annually depending on the very same regularity of expenditures. If you consider that the printer’s price range from fifty to six hundred dollars, the sum you may invest in the ink and cartridges is sometimes more costly than the actual printer itself if you choose a low-cost model.

Why is Printer Ink Expensive?

Businesses know that they will try to compensate for the low profit in maintenance supplies during the printer’s lifetime. Printers frequently sell at the break-even point or below costing, luring customers in with enticingly low costs. These companies understand that the vast majority of customers will choose original OEM over some less dependable rebuilt and comparable third-party items. This “razor blade” marketing strategy is occasionally referred to by many. Since the producer generates money by selling new razor blades for users, the razor is inexpensive. 

Does Printer Ink Cost More than a Printer?

The cost of ink increases because of ink Cartridges. Ink cartridge costs might quickly exceed the cost of the printer. This seems to be frequently happening if your one is among those low-cost inkjet printers with cartridges. Those only print very few sheets before they run out. Contrary to popular belief, many small companies might save cash in the end if they invest in a more economical printer, regardless if it means spending a bit more upfront.

How to Reduce the Cost of Printer Ink

reduce ink cost

If you feel like you are spending a fortune on your printer ink and want to cut costs, you had better find a way as soon as possible. Unfortunately, in general, printer ink costs a lot. Yet, you can cut the expense by a considerable amount. Here is how to do it:

Use Non-OEM:

Just like any other technology, printer technology is always changing. Secondary ink makers, like OEM firms, are improving their ink technology. In addition, just as some OEM companies provide higher quality items than others, many aftermarket manufacturers produce higher-quality knockoff cartridges. User reviews are available everywhere to help you out with this. Look at what other customers have to say about which secondary brands are the most dependable and have been running the longest. Better-known brands own a more solid image and have much more industry expertise. Non-OEM companies that are more established will also produce higher-quality items than those that are just some years old.

Search the Marketplace:

Another strategy to save money with ink cartridges will be to be aware of the following:

  • Check if you are using the right printer best suited to your needs, as well as what it costs for running the printer.
  • It might take a little time to find a printer that requires low-cost printer cartridges. Every so often, printer manufacturers introduce new printers, and nearly the majority of them seem to be suitable for producing high-quality text or photographs.

Why is Branded Ink Expensive:

Original equipment manufacturers, in short OEMs, believe that ink technology is expensive. A lot of money is spent on research and development, and this requires a lot of money to assure the best quality ink and dependability. However, most customers feel that OEM corporations charge exorbitant prices for the ink in order to recuperate the expenses of manufacturing printing machines that they then sell for quite a low price, similar to the “razor-blade” sales model. Ironically, each of these hypotheses is probably correct. Brand label ink is pricey; there is no denying it.

Alternatives of Printer Ink

printer ink refill

Tired of the cost you have to bear for your regular printer ink? Consider one or two alternatives:

Laser Printer

There are laser printers, black & white, that are very reasonable and may be appealing for regular use. People may equate laser printers to homes and offices or microenterprises, high prices. However, some laser printers are quite reasonable, and they can be great for daily use. Laser printers utilize dry toner instead of ink. Thus, they do not require any toner servicing, making them more cost-effective to run. Laser printers, on the other hand, are not ideal for everyone. Whenever it concerns printing photos, lasers cannot compete with inkjets in terms of quality. Furthermore, laser printers are not expensive; nevertheless, color laser ones are more expensive.

Reservoir Printers

Reservoir printers are those that print from a reservoir. A different form of inkjet printer featuring significantly less expensive ink has rapidly gained popularity. This new reservoir printer is pricey at the beginning, three hundred dollars and higher. However, it will save customers money over the long term if you can look beyond the price tag. To print, these devices employ reservoirs rather than refill cartridges. It is possible that the refills should last two to three years. For example, the Canon Pixma G4210 costs three hundred dollars, with refilling bottles costing only thirteen dollars. When you consider the total ownership costs, this machine will become one of the most affordable reservoir printers.

Third-Party Ink

Printer manufacturers want customers to buy their ink through them, but customers have alternative options. Several firms sell reconditioned or reloaded cartridges both personally and online. The empty cartridges may even be replaced at Walgreens or Costco. Customer Reviews do not rate third-party inks, but many lab testers have tested a few of them and discovered the performance to be uneven. Third-party inks can leave behind satellite droplets. These happen when a droplet hits something. Third-party links, on the other hand, may be a suitable option for some customers. Some third-party ink might suffice if you do not concern about high-resolution quality.

Consider Buying Refilled Cartridges:

Third-party refilling cartridges are usually substantially less expensive. Printer companies caution us not to use them, although they frequently perform effectively.

Consider Refilling the Cartridges by Yourself:

You may purchase refill kits for your printer cartridges, but this could be a tricky process. If your printer detects a chip in a reloaded cartridge, it may fail to admit it.

Consider Buying Xl Cartridges:

When purchasing genuine ink cartridges, you should pay extra money every time. The lowest cost ink cartridges will have little ink, but bigger “XL” cartridges will have a lot of extra ink with a little more money. Buying in bulk can save you money.

Avoid Tri-color Ink Cartridges:

When you want to print color pages, look for printers that have individual ink cartridges allocated for each color. Let us imagine you have a “Color” cartridge in the printer that holds green, red, and blue ink. If you are printing a bunch of blue papers and run out of ink, the ink cartridge will stop working, and you will have no choice but to replace it, even when the red and green ink tanks are empty. You would just need to refill the blue one if your printer has different color cartridges.

Can You Refill Your Printer Cartridges?

ink cartridges changes

Cartridges for printers are shockingly expensive. You could refill it at a shop as an option. However, refilling it manually is the most cost-effective and efficient option. All you need is a syringe and a jar of ink.


Ink for printers. It is available from any computer retailer.

A one-milliliter disposable syringe it’s best if the needle is little.

The ink cartridge of different companies may be refilled in the same way.


The white label that covers the upper cover of your cartridge has a dark mark on it. A hole underneath that black area allows ink to be pumped through into the cartridge. You can discover the hole by peeling the sticker off the sticker. Alternatively, a needle might be used to penetrate the black area.


Slowly fill the syringe with ink and insert the ink into the opening. That concludes our discussion.

Expert tips while refilling the cartridge:

  • The needles are really tiny. You can produce air spaces if you pull it into the needle too rapidly. Air gaps might cause your cartridge to become clogged. Before injecting ink into the hole, ensure sure there is no air bubble.
  • Refilling is a clumsy process. Ensure that you have some paper or a waste towel on hand.
  • To avoid leaking, load the ink cartridge to approaching capacity rather than full.
  • Allow the cartridge to sit for several hours after it has been filled. This allows the sponge’s bottom to get in touch with the ink properly. The sponge is hidden inside the ink cartridge and is not visible.

Printer Ink Price

Just to give you an average idea, we have made the pricing easier for you to understand better. We have chosen different models of inks available in the market.

Ink(OEM)PriceAssessmentVolume of InkPage yield(OEM)CPP Comparison of CPP
Black Ink Cartridge- Canon PGI-280 XXL 34.9911.9525.7 ml600 5.8 cents1.99 cents
Cyan Ink Cartridge- Canon CLI-281 XXL 26.9910.9511.7 ml820 3.29 cents1.33 cents
Yellow Ink Cartridge- Canon CLI-281 XXL 26.9910.9511.7 ml820 3.29 cents1.33 cents
Magenta Ink Cartridge- Canon CLI-281 XXL 26.9910.9511.7 ml820 3.29 cents1.33 cents
Black Ink Cartridge- HP 952XL 46.9913.9542.5 ml2,000 2.35 cents0.7 cents
Cyan Ink Cartridge- HP 952XL  35.9912.9520 ml1,600 2.25 cents0.81 cents
Magenta Ink Cartridge- HP 952XL  35.9912.9520 ml1,600 2.25 cents0.81 cents
Yellow Ink Cartridge- HP 952XL  35.9912.9520 ml1,600 2.25 cents0.81 cents
Black Ink Cartridge- HP 952XL 46.9913.9542.5 ml2,000 2.35 cents0.7 cents
Cyan Ink Cartridge- HP 952XL  35.9912.9520 ml1,600 2.25 cents0.81 cents
Black Ink Cartridge- HP 940XL 49.998.9549 ml2,200 2.27 cents0.41 cents
Cyan Ink Cartridge- HP 940XL 35.998.9516 ml1,400 2.57 cents0.64 cents
Magenta Ink Cartridge- HP 940XL 35.998.9516 ml1,400 2.57 cents0.64 cents
Yellow Ink Cartridge- HP 940XL  35.998.9516 ml1,400 2.57 cents0.64 cents
Black Ink Cartridge- Brother LC3039 55.9922.95150 ml6,000 0.93 cents0.38 cents
Cyan Ink Cartridge- Brother LC3039 62.4924.9575 ml5,000 1.24 cents0.5 cents
Magenta Ink Cartridge- Brother LC3039 62.4924.9575 ml5,000 1.24 cents0.5 cents
Yellow Ink Cartridge- Brother LC303962.4924.9575 ml5,000 1.24 cents0.5 cents
Black Ink Bottle- Epson T522 13.996.9965 ml4,500 0.31 cents0.16 cents
Cyan Ink Bottle- Epson T522 13.996.9965 ml7,500 0.19 cents0.09 cents
Magenta Ink Bottle- Epson T522 13.996.9965 ml7,500 0.19 cents0.09 cents
Yellow Ink Bottle- Epson T52213.996.9965 ml7,500 0.19 cents0.09 cents


Ink cartridges for printers are expensive. Especially if you print on a regular basis. This is because firms’ marketing strategies need them to earn from the ink that they sell separately since they sell printer devices at such a low price. However, now that you have read about how much does printer ink cost, you know how to save costs and what solutions are accessible on the market.

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