How Much Does an Artist Make

The majority of people are interested in learning how much does an artist make?

A talented artist might make anything from $40,000 to $60,000 per year. Many people feel that since artists are self-employed, they can do anything they choose. It is not the case. It isn’t correct. While this is true in certain circumstances, many artists supplement their income by taking on other endeavors. Depending on the sort of work they perform, the type of artist they are, and the equipment they use, they might earn a lot of money as an artist. Consider the following suggestions if you’re a beginner or seasoned artist looking to increase your earnings.

What do artists make a livelihood doing? Many individuals, even non-artists, have the same question. Artists must sell their work to earn money. You may, however, be unaware of these other financial options. Here you may learn about those who have made it big as artists. Each item includes a brief explanation and a piece of lengthy advice from an expert in the field. Find out from the whole article by scrolling how much does an artist make?

7 Active and Passive Income Ideas for Artists

1. Selling Art on Instagram

sell art instagram

Instagram is gaining popularity among artists and art lovers, but it is not the only choice. Young artists should be encouraged to pursue their passions without regard for social status or acceptance of prestigious reviewers. Alternatively, you might find global customers eager to pay for your services. The problem is that there is a hiccup. Your Instagram followers will want to see more of your work if they are more engaged. First, ensure you have a large following. This article outlines nine easy strategies to use Instagram to increase income. If you’re thinking about selling artwork on Instagram, bear in mind:

  • Make sure you’re only sharing the greatest things from the internet!
  • Photographing artwork in natural light with a clean backdrop is ideal.
  • At all times, your appearance and demeanor should be constant. Use a certain filter, hashtag, or phrase to enhance the photo’s aesthetic.
  • Captions should be both amusing and educational.
  • Tags must provide useful information (that correspond to keywords representing your art).
  • Make it attractive since it’s the one area in your bio where people click on a link.
  • Attempt to write regularly (at least twice per week).

Advantages and disadvantages of selling art on Instagram:

Instagram is a fantastic platform for both marketing and selling your goods. This benefits both you and your clients. You will not generate much money right away if your fan following is still tiny.

2. Teaching Art Online or Face-to-Face

lean art from online

Finding pupils should be simple if you’re an outgoing person who enjoys getting others to collaborate with you. It’s critical to figure out your favorite learning method as soon as possible.

Teaching Face-to-Face

Further, you may be able to utilize art to generate cash in your community. Focus on a specialty, like astrophotography, calligraphy, or street photography. Here are some ideas for improving your community while earning money and gaining new skills:

  • Make art lessons and one-day workshops accessible to adults, children, and high school students at your community center. Allow them to be freely accessed.
  • Make your exhibition and invite other artists to join you.
  • For business trips and celebrations, we offer short, hands-on painting courses.
  • If you want to learn how to paint in nature, you should go outdoors.

Teaching Online

Those seeking a larger audience may benefit from online courses. A large group of students online is much more challenging than in person. Maybe you may convert your lesson into a passive income. You may use the information for months, if not years. Here are some ideas from my online painting classes:

  • Libraries and retail malls may also promote your classes on Udemy or Skillshare.
  • Instructional materials such as step-by-step manuals, ebooks, and video courses may help you earn money. You may sell them directly via your website or a Sellfy page.
  • Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of selling videos on YouTube, start your own YouTube channel and teach something new every week.

Advantages and disadvantages of Teaching art online or face-to-face:

Make money doing what you already know. It will be exciting, but you will also learn about yourself. Even if there is much competition, a simple guide will not be pricey. Your guide will be more useful if it is comprehensive or specialized. Prepare ahead of time since designing a course takes time.

3. Sell Designs on Sellfy

You may make money in different ways if you can produce images properly. Graphic design may provide active and passive income. To get money while using your abilities, sell vector graphics. It also enables you to sell character designs and illustrations. You may also sell photos. The same applies to music, ebooks, and knitting designs. What was the highlight of the trip? Promoting a product takes just 5 minutes.

Advantages and disadvantages of Selling designs on Sellfy

A quick and easy way to advertise your creative output. You may make money by simply uploading new things and having unique ideas. Selling digital things won’t be enough to get buyers to buy them. You’ll still need to promote them. Fortunately, Sellfy’s marketing tools like email marketing, upsells, and discounts can help. 

4. Apply on the Competitions

Large corporations, small communities, and non-profits all compensate artists. These organizations aid budding artists or raise awareness of art concerns. Those are their jobs. Customize new buildings or events using art. How would I accomplish this? Google “artist grants” Look for awards. Localize your search by city or state. You may enter contests or programs to win money or other rewards. Keep in touch with your professional and artistic networks through social media and non-profits (NGOs).

Advantages and disadvantages of Applying to the competitions

Putting your work out there is one of the best ways to notice it. You can do it on publiera via official publications and media the winning entries. They are not a solid source of revenue since they are not consistent.

5. Selling Wall Art – Earning Passive Income

art hanging on wall

As an artist, illustrator, designer, or graphic artist, selling high-quality prints or reproductions of your work is a terrific way to supplement your income. You may make high-quality posters from your artwork using one of two methods:

  1. The most effective approach to digitizing your artwork is hiring a professional photographer or scanner.
  2. Create printable posters using a graphic design application like Adobe Illustrator.

Here are some suggestions for those who wish to sell their wall art:

  • You may sell digital copies of your book using Sellfy and leave the printing to the consumer.
  • Print and have your posters delivered to you using one of the numerous print-on-demand services available.
  • Create a Facebook shop to sell your artwork to your social media followers.
  • Join Etsy, one of the greatest online marketplaces for selling art and handmade things globally. It is an excellent place to begin.
  • It would help sell photographs on your portfolio website to generate money.

Advantages and disadvantages of selling wall art

Individuals who cannot afford to buy an original item may purchase your work, helping you reach a larger audience. A money source that will keep supplying cash until they are needed. Consequently, if you want to make money, you’ll need to sell many of these items.

6. Selling Other Merchandise with your Art

If you want your artwork printed on actual products, use a print-on-demand or drop shipping service. It will utilize a specialized business to print, package, brand, and ship unique things to your consumers. You may pay to print your work using services like Society6, Zazzle, or Printful. Here are some items you might offer with your artwork:

  • We’re talking about decorations for a party or a wedding in this case.
  • There are several sorts of cards (Christmas, Birthday, Thanksgiving, etc.)
  • To-do lists, diaries, and journals are all useful tools.
  • Clothing for men, women, and children
  • The set includes cushions, towels, and another home decor.
  • People give phone cases and mugs as mementos, gifts, and souvenirs.

Advantages and disadvantages of Selling other merchandise with your art

You may make money by creating a tangible product that people can buy. If you use print-on-demand, you will lose a lot of money (around 25 percent ).

7. Writing an Art Blog

content writing on notebook

Objects often matter more to artists than words. For the first time, anybody can learn to write a book thanks to online education and peer support. Also, a blog may look more appealing than one written. What if you were teaching your readers how to paint? The prose will explain the action and accompany the images. You don’t have to despise writing. Here are some ideas for an art article:

  • Here are some suggestions to help you get the most out of your preferred master strategy.
  • Users discuss new art materials and their opinions on them.
  • Opinion pieces regarding current events in the art world.
  • Interviews with local artists.
  • We discuss new galleries and exhibits in these updates.
  • A handbook for illustrators who want to work independently.
  • Provide written instruction once you’ve recorded movies demonstrating how you paint.

Advantages and disadvantages of Selling other merchandise with your art

As a blogger, you’ll have a lot of chances to express yourself, share your ideas, and interact with your followers. If you do not make blogging a full-time career, you will not sustain yourself. Blogging may turn out to be a lot of effort in the long term, and it may not pay off immediately.


Everyone should be able to earn money from a variety of sources. In this manner, you won’t run out of money if one of your sources of income is inefficient or unreliable. At least one of them should be financially self-sufficient. You must read the whole article to learn how much does an artist make.

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