25 Cool Things on Etsy

Etsy is a great place to find unique and exciting things. Not only is Etsy a great marketplace for handmade goods, but it’s also a great place to find some fantastic things. From humorous t-shirts to strange toys and unique carvings, the things you can find on Etsy are pretty awesome. Whether you’re searching for that perfect gift or just looking to treat yourself, Etsy’s website is a treasure trove of unique and exciting products. If you’ve got a favorite item in mind but find yourself stuck on what to buy, here’s a little help to get you back on track. We are going to show you 25 cool things on Etsy.

Etsy is an online marketplace for homemade, vintage, and creative goods. Whether you’re a fan of home decor, arts and crafts, jewelry, or more eclectic items, Etsy is a great place to find such products. And now that the shopping season is upon us, we’ve picked out 25 cool things on Etsy which are perfect for gift giving and bringing some vibrancy to your home.

25 Cool Things on Etsy Buying Guide- 2022

Etsy is a great place to find unique items for your home. It has quite a variety for you to choose from, sometimes making it challenging to pick. The following list of 25 cool things on Etsy will guide you in the right direction. Whether you’re decorating a nursery, looking for a wedding gift, or just trying to spice up your home, these ideas will impress your guests and start conversations!

1. Set of 9 Baskets for Boho Wall Decor

This set of 9 baskets for boho wall decor is handcrafted in the heart of Vietnam from 100% locally-sourced materials. No machines are involved in the replication of these goods.

Each basket features a string on the back for effortless hanging, making them great for wall decor. With a warm feel, these large, woven baskets are great for storing items throughout your home and make a lovely addition to your apartment.

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2. Custom Family Name Wood Sign

Custom-made, natural wooden signs are a great way to personalize your home, garden, or office. This custom family name wood sign will look great on your front door and add some charm to your exterior décor.

Your custom family name and year will all be laser-cut from MDF materials and installed on a real wood board, providing a 3D appearance. Each piece of wood has a unique texture, and each sign is unique because each uses a different piece of wood. The teak oil coating makes this product water repellent and easy to clean, ensuring it will be a timeless piece in your home.

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3. Wooden Hummingbird Couple Statue

Hummingbirds are very famous as bird families, especially when they move from flower to flower. With small and elegant features, a humorous voice makes many people adore them. All are presented in the

Parasite wood hummingbird statue made of parasite wood (Tetrametra). While many people might overlook the value of parasite woods, these artisans have found a way to turn them into unique and beautiful statues. By skillfully processing the unusual rose-like shaped roots of this plant, they have created a one of a kind statue that is suitable for display at home or as a souvenir.

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4. Personalized Groomsmen Pocket Watch

This personalized silver groomsmen pocket watch is made of Stainless steel case and chain. It’s not just a watch for time but also a perfect gift for your friends, family, and lovers. A traditional design with a modern twist, this silver mechanical pocket watch has an easy to read analog display and comes equipped with a chain and hook.

This fine quality pocket watch has a quartz mechanism, which will keep excellent time. It comes with a colorful gift box and a chain. This watch can be engraved with up to two lines of text and will be delivered in an attractive gift box. Ready to be given as presents.

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5. Eucalyptus Wall Hanging

This wall hanging is made with dried eucalyptus. The perfect addition to your home, bringing a refreshing nature inspired atmosphere. This unique wall hanging is made from dried eucalyptus branches and leaves on a bamboo rod. As each is handmade by artisans, your piece may vary slightly in color and shape.

The aromatic scent of eucalyptus can help promote a healthy immune system and provide a calming and soothing effect when you’re feeling stressed or exhausted. The aromatic scent can also help detoxify the air in your home and promote a healthy immune system.

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6. Distressed Leather iPad Pro Cover

This handmade leather iPad case is made to provide a perfect fit for your tablet of any size, allowing easy and quick access. Genuine premium full-grain leather is soft, durable, and naturally textured for an elegant look.

The soft, sturdy waxed lining ensures that all of your electronics are stored safely in the case. Perfect for businessmen and travelers on the go, this designer case will fit your all in one device in one or even more gadgets if you choose the ‘Other tablet’ option.

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7. Summer Wedding Favors Outdoor Wedding Sunglasses

With these personalized wedding sunglasses favors, your guests will stay cool during your outdoor wedding ceremony! Personalized wedding sunglasses make great destination wedding favors. To protect your guests from the sun, place a pair of sunglasses on each chair at your outdoor ceremony.

Every couple of black sunglasses comes with either black or metallic gold labels printed on clear labels. A set of 24 sunglasses is labeled on both sides, so there will be 48 labels in total.

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8. Overwatch Custom Sombra Xbox One Controller Faceplate

Personalize your Xbox One controller with this faceplate that features the graphics of Sombra’s ultimate ability and her signature skull from Overwatch. This custom-painted faceplate is fully airbrushed and made to resemble Sombra of Overwatch’s ultimate ability.

It is hand painted with automotive grade quality inks and sealed with a clear coat. The faceplate is painted by hand and given an automotive grade quality clear coat, so it’s built for long-lasting use. Xbox One controllers are sold separately.

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9. Cats Bud Ceramic Vases

Each of these Cat’s family vases is unique! Each vase is handmade and crafted with precision and attention to detail. Each piece is an exclusive piece of handcrafted pottery from a local business that will be cherished forever by your loved ones.

Each of these vases goes through several pairs of hands before becoming its masterpieces. Their techniques include forming, firing, hand painting, glazing, and firing again with utmost precision. A single piece can be a joy in a house, but when they are all together, they are a family that brings a smile to everyone’s face. Like us, each vase has its distinct personality, so there can never be two alike.

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10. Zero Gravity – Adventurer, Climbing Man Wall Sculpture

Decorate your home with your passion for rock climbing and adventures! Your home will come alive with this amazing Zero gravity wall sculpture. Designed by Northshire, this wall art will give you a chance to express how you feel about climbing. Stylize your wall decor with this sculptured artwork that displays men climbing a rockface.

Made from polyresin, the product comes with 6 figures, 3 hanging from the rock wall while the other 3 stumbling to stabilize themselves. You can either hang them 20 cm apart for a 150cm wide wall or hang them separately for a wall.

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11. Chunky knit blanket

Bring a personalized touch to any of your bedding and home furnishings with this giant knit blanket, handmade from 100% merino wool. Incredibly soft, its plush touch is every stylish person’s preference when it comes to decorating their space.

This giant knit blanket is made by skilled artisans using the arm knitting technique and is hand-wound for durability. This loftiness traps very small pockets of air that give merino wool its high insulating ability, allowing you to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home or a venue for that special event.

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12. Real Wood Monitor Stand

Make your work more efficient! Elevate your monitor to a comfortable eye-level position to minimize eye and neck strain. Creating a more user-friendly desktop creates more storage and display options to facilitate easy accessibility.

The stand is constructed of solid wood and finished with natural oils to create a more user-friendly desktop. The pores of the wood allow for an incredibly natural appearance and feel of the monitor stand since the pores are open. This can reduce neck strain, but it also frees up a lot of desktop space for things that you actually need.

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13. Personalized Weekender Bag

This weekender bag is just what the stylish men in your life need to get away on weekend trips. Made from 16 oz canvas, it’s both durable and stylish. The weekender bag is designed with magnetic snaps and zip closures and has a lining on the inside that makes packing easy and convenient.

With its canvas exterior and faux leather detailing, it is both strong and durable to be carried around – but also trendy for him to travel in style. Get his initials embroidered onto this unique piece.

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14. Ornament Plant Pots

This beautiful planter can do it all! Use it to grow herbs and plants on your porch or display flowers on your kitchen table. It looks so good that you could even use it as a pencil holder in the office.

Made of high-quality resin, this ornament plant pot is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and anti-corrosion. Simulating cement design is perfect for growing small plants or flowers and also can be used as a pencil holder. This round pot is perfect for use in the living room, balcony, or terrace.

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15. Stained Glass Suncatcher- All Clear Bevels

This stained glass window hanging is made up of all clear bevels put together in a geometric prairie style design. A suncatcher with different size bevels to catch the light and create sparkles. The small size ensures that it will fit in a small window or can be hung on a small nail or hook.

This suncatcher will reflect light in your window beautifully. The rainbow of colors that the glass makes on a sunny day is awesome. Hang it in any window to enjoy at any time of the day or night.

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16. Stain Glass Sunflower

Welcome to this beautiful sunflower stained glass window hanging. It is handmade using the traditional technique of tiffany, inspired by the famous American artist Louis Tiffany who lived in New York at the end of the 19th century.

This flower is made with red-orange glass and a type of green glass. This stained glass sunflower will brighten up any room. Adorn your window with this gorgeous item and watch the sunlight shine through the vibrant colors.

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17. Wooden Serving Board for Foods

Wood is a water-resilient and highly durable material, such as Acacia Wood, on which this food serving board is made. Because of its properties, there will be no fungus or warping. In fact, it will surely last you quite a while. Two removable white ceramic bowls are included in this board, which can be used inside or separately, thereby providing another compartment for your favorite snacks.

Choose from various olives, fruits, nuts, and other tasty snacks to enhance your meal. Further, it has a two-layer design that allows you to fill it with all your favorite foods. Impressive! How can anyone not love a hidden cutlery set tucked away under the board’s first layer? The most important thing is, you can easily use it when you want to cut some food.

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18. Turtle Holder for Google Home Mini

No more boring designs, finally a solution to your boring voice-controlled Google Nest/Home Mini. Show off your personality while keeping functionality a top priority.

With a fantastic tortoise design, this accent piece is a perfect addition to your home or even great for the office. The custom-built, 3D-printed stand keeps your Google Nest / Home Mini upright so you can use it and hear it better.

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19. Concrete Succulent Planter

This succulent concrete planter is handcrafted from concrete and designed for reliable, steady heat release. Perfect on a sunroom table or as a gift for a friend, the succulent concrete planter is an easy way to bring some life and some style into your home.

Designed to hold your succulents and cacti, this solid concrete planter features an insulative layer of felt on the inside of the pot to protect it and your plants from the outdoor elements.

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20. Docking Station – iPhone Stand and Organizer

No more clutter on your desk, work area, or bedside table. A great solution for storing your phone and other small items, this charging stand works with any iPhone and most Smartphones.

It keeps your keys, watch, jewelry and glasses within reach by hanging them on a dedicated slot on the side of the station. There is also a slot at the backside that can hold your wallet or purse.

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21. Tulip Oil Painting Impasto Painting

This original impressionist oil painting features a fresh bouquet of tulips that are sure to brighten your day. This beautiful canvas art is done in thick oil impasto, with bright colors and flowers raised off the surface of the canvas. Offered unframed in various sizes.

This is a custom painting done in raised impasto oil paint on canvas. With each brushstroke, the artist tried to bring the brilliance of color and joy to these stunning flowers. Sure to be a unique wedding gift or mothers day gift.

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22. Thin Walnut USB Flash Drive & Wooden USB Box Set

A valuable and unique gift set for tech enthusiasts, this Thin walnut USB flash drive & wooden USB box set is perfect for giving your loved one. The 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB flash drives come beautifully packaged inside a handcrafted wooden box with a magnetic enclosure.

You can personalize it with a laser engraved message of your choosing for a special touch. Both the USB and box have a smooth finish, making them easy to clean. The wooden box itself is stunning and is great for storing your rings or other small belongings when you’re not using the drive.

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23. Pikachu Backpack

This Pikachu backpack is an ideal gift for women and school girls. Created in a medium capacity and lightweight design, it’s great for everyday use and can hold all your daily essentials when you’re on the go. It features a durable structured canvas and a polyester lining.

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24. Color Changing Mushroom Night Light

It is the perfect addition to any room that requires a vibrant color-changing night light. Available in US and EU plug types. There is nothing else quite like this light to create such a striking effect. This light has a distinct elegance that will lighten up any space.

Light sensors turn these mushrooms off and on automatically (located at the bottom). Whenever the lights go out, they glow brightly and change color. It is also possible to bend them to your heart’s content in any direction!

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25. Handmade Pottery Mug With Flowers

Turquoise on top and black and white on the bottom, this mug has a beautiful floral print on the lower half. You can almost see a fine thread of turquoise laid over a plum background if you look very closely. There are some slight variations in each mug, but the one you will receive will look very similar to the one pictured. Each mug is made by hand, so there may be a few variations.

The 16-ounce mug holds drinks comfortably while the shape keeps them warm. This mug is microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. Designed to be as beautiful as it is functional, this mug is easy to use and comfortable to hold. A wide handle and smooth sides cradle your hands as you drink from the cup. You can keep your drink extra warm by adding a matching lid. Each mug comes wrapped in a gift box, so you can give it to someone special or keep it for yourself.

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Final Words

Overall, Etsy is a fantastic place to shop online and find cool things on Etsy for your loved ones, as well as unique items to decorate your home. Many of these items were crafted with care by the sellers, and they all have interesting stories or histories behind them. You can buy these products with confidence that you are getting something worthwhile and unique.

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