23 Cool Things for Desk Buying Guide

The desk is where we spend a lot of time working, playing and relaxing. So your desk must be as comfortable as possible. Otherwise, your work will not be productive, and you will probably feel depressed and sad. Office desks are functional places. There’s the desk, the chair, and maybe some decorations. But sometimes, you want to change things up. You start looking for ways to make your desk a more inspiring and stylish workspace — without getting rid of everything. And that’s when cool things become handy. Luckily, there are many cool things for desk to decorate and make your desk more fun.

Everybody is different, which is even more true when it comes to the things people search for on the internet. Whatever your interests are, there are hundreds, if not thousands of places to find information on them. But what if you just want cool stuff? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

When most people think of cool things, they tend to overlook the office. They think it is not something essential. If you are like me and have a more traditional desk, you can use these 25 cool things for desk listed down to spice up your desk and make your workday a little more fun and exciting!

23 Cool Things for Desk- 2022

If you want to decorate your office or studio but feel that everything you have seen in the past is just dull, then check out this list we put together for you. We’ve selected all of these items because we believe they will make a fantastic addition to any workspace’s desk and change the overall look for a better one.

1. Portable Mini Desktop Humidifier

The portable mini desktop humidifier is a desk-friendly accessory that keeps you hydrated at home and wherever you go. Provides a convenient way of moisturizing dry air. It is very easy to use; just press the button, and it will continuously spray for 6 hours.

Push the button again for intermittent spraying for 12 hours. The compact and small design is easy to take with you anywhere and perfect for travel, bedroom, office desk, hotel, car, etc. This humidifier has a capacity of 500ml, which makes it able to produce a long-lasting mist.

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2. Senders Floating Globe with LED Lights

Give that awesome person in your life one of our favorite gifts. With a magnetic suspended spherical module that helps the globe to rotate in midair, this floating globe is a perfect addition to your desk. Featuring a low friction swivel that allows the globe to spin freely for an extended time, this globe floats in the air and seems magically suspended.

The globe will also emit a soft light that looks very cool when turned on in the dark. Dazzle your friends, family, and co-workers with this unique gift that uses scientifically proven electromagnetic suspension.

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3. Boho Desk Decor Amethyst Air Plant Holder

These stunning amethyst air plant holders will impress any visitor and bring some boho chic into your home and office. These air plants do not require much care but need some indirect sunlight and a misting about once a week if placed in a closed environment.

As it befits the character of natural crystals, these will vary in shape, size, and color. Perfect as a birthday or housewarming gift! Adorn your home or office with this stunning amethyst air plant holder. It is an excellent addition to any desk or windowsill!

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4. ComfiLife Foot Rest for Under Desk at Work

If you spend 10+ hours sitting every day, it is important to care for your body while you are at work. This footrest cushion provides the best support for your feet and legs. Its memory foam is soft enough to support your feet comfortably but firm enough that it doesn’t collapse when used properly.

It eases pressure on your lower back and hips, reducing lower back and sciatica pain. Back pain is the second leading cause of missed days from work, and ComfiLife premium footrest cushions are scientifically designed to provide quality ergonomic support for an active lifestyle.

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5. Marbrasse Plant Terrarium

Give your home a touch of nature with this beautiful hanging terrarium. Stylish and elegant, this plant terrarium is designed to deliver a modern and rustic look to your living space. With a black painted finished iron base, this little glass indoor garden provides you with a visual enjoyment of nature while being environmentally friendly.

This design allows you to grow your own indoor garden or display a favorite plant! With a simple and elegant design, this glass planter makes a great gift for friends, parents, and for kids as well. Also, it is the perfect gift for a housewarming present.

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6. Thinker Statue Ornament Vase

This exquisite thinker statue vase with a realistic appearance is crafted for the best possible appearance. It will look great on your office desk, table, living room, or study room to add that special touch of decoration.

There are three types of brooder ornaments, which can be purchased separately or combined to create an interesting collection for your home.

Furthermore, the abstract thinker may also serve as a desk organizer for pens and pencils. Overall, the design is sleek, modern, and very functional.

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7. Feng Shui Natural Rose Pink Quartz Crystal Money Tree

For generations, feng shui practitioners have used the money tree plant to bring wealth and good fortune to people. It is one of the best energy purifiers that enhance your overall health and family relationship.

The money tree is also known as Pachira, is thought to bring good luck and abundance. According to Feng Shui experts, you should place it in the prosperity or health area. Gift it to a friend or keep it in your own home to invite wealth luck. It’s made of resin and crystal stone so that it will serve you for many years.

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8. LED Desk Lamp

This LED Desk Lamp features three brightness levels, allowing you to adjust the lamp based on your personal preference. The lamp is also equipped with a flexible arm and base axis, allowing convenient use in any setting.

This eye-friendly desk lamp is specially designed with a unique light guide panel that transmits light sideways for glare-free illumination that is soft on the eyes. The LED desk lamp shines cool white light at 5000K and has 3 brightness levels to suit your needs. Fold the lamp flat when not in use to save space on your desk.

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9. Chelsea Vase for Desk

This vase is made with a 3D printer and hand finished for a clean and modern look. The simple shape and color are designed to be a focal point on your desk or shelf without taking away from the natural beauty of flowers.

If you’re looking for a minimalist vase that fits your desk, this is the perfect fit! It stands 23cm tall and is made of PLA. This 3d printed vase is made from sustainable materials and is fully biodegradable. Designed to fit on your desk, this is the perfect gift for the home or office.

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10. Digital Alarm Clock

The alarm clock is perfect for home, office desk, and travel. The digital alarm clock has a stylish wooden design that would look great on any office desk. It works with a power cord and allows you to set up three separate alarms. Set two out of the three alarms for yourself and another one for your family.

This stylish and functional clock can be used as a nightlight in a child’s room with multiple brightness settings. This clock also features temperature and humidity detection so that you know exactly when to turn off the air conditioning or adjust the heat. Never be late!

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11. Desktop Organizer Office Storage Rack

This desktop organizer has a compact and lightweight design that is easy to move anywhere. You can stir two main parts freely. You can adjust the position and the distance between two parts to best fit your needs, or just place them together side by side.

It keeps everything neatly organized and at your fingertips! Perfect for storing books, organizing office supplies, showing off cherished keepsakes, and displaying trophies. Improve your productivity and reduce time spent searching for things!

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12. Wooden Pen Holder for Desk

The wooden pen holder is a beautiful desktop accessory. Handcrafted from solid wood, these containers are sturdy and useful for holding paper clips and pencils. The cup is carved in a distinctive geometric shape and waxed to achieve a smooth surface while protecting the wood.

On the inside, an aluminum pot is attached to prevent water from getting inside. Perfect for storing pens or small office accessories or decorating your desk or table. Geometric in shape, this wooden desk accessory is perfect for everything from pens to paperclips.

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13. Vornado VFAN Mini Personal Vintage Air Circulator Fan

The Vornado mini classic personal vintage fan redefines the basic table fan and brings it into the new millennium. Built to circulate air, the VFAN mini classic fit into small spaces and creates a comfortable breeze for every room. This durable device brings together sturdy metal construction and reliable fan performance in a compact size.

The VFAN Mini Classic is easy to use with 2 speed mood, while its adjustable tilt head allows you to direct the air where you need it most. Authentic styling completes the vintage look. With 5 years guarantee, this fan is perfect for more easily cooling off your home office or any other small space.

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14. Soundance Laptop Stand For Desk

Soundance laptop stand is totally made of thickened aluminum alloy and has a beautiful surface. This stand is so sleek and modern looking that your friends compliment it when they see it.

The laptop stand cannot take up too much space, and helps to avoid neck pain, back pain, and eye strain created by poor posture. So, it is not only a perfect accessory for your laptop but also a practical item you should have in your daily life.

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15. Julius Caesar Office Desk Pen Holder

Looking for a delightful desk pen holder? We’ve got you covered. This pencil holder is an excellent addition to your home and office. You won’t need to worry about environmental destruction because of the biodegradable material.

You’ll be the envy of the office when you come in with this amazing caesar’s palace pen holder. Made from durable, waterproof PLA plastic, you can use it to hold your pens or even as a piece of decor. Be bold and get yours today!

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16. VIVERIE Faux Succulents in White Ceramic Pots (Set of 4)

Everyone loves plants, but they’re not always easy to keep alive. This set of 4 faux succulents from VIVERIE is the perfect solution, adding a beautiful touch of greenery without any maintenance.

Arranged in a set of white pots, these adorable miniature plants are ideal for desk decor or anywhere you’d love some fresh plant life. The premium quality materials used to make this set ensure that it will last for seasons to come.

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17. Felt and Cork Desk Mat

This enchanting desk mat will make the essential process of your work more comfortable, productive, and inspiring. It is a perfect match for any type of work because it combines the best natural materials – soft Merino wool felt and ecological cork to provide you with increased comfort while working.

Due to the cork base, this smooth surface is easy on your arms and wrists and will complement any home or office space. The cork bottom prevents the desk mat from shifting, protecting the pad and desktop.

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18. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

Keep your drink warm while you work with the Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer. This handy little gadget will keep your coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and more at an ideal drinking temperature.

Its 17-watt warming plate is easy to clean and has an extra-long cord for increased mobility so you can use it practically anywhere.

Best of all, with this mug warmer on your desk, you’ll never again have to suffer through a lukewarm mug of joe!

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19. The Office Oasis Magnetic Desk Organizer

This convenient bamboo desk tray corrals all of your home office desk essentials, including your phone, pencils, pens, markers, paper clips, sticky notes, and more, in one spot.

This unique desk organizer features a magnetic base and flexible sections, so you can rearrange it in the perfect spot to fit your desk accessories. Solid bamboo supports and high-quality plastic holders guarantee long-term durability.

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20. Mini Desk File Organizer

Look no further than this mini desk file organizer if you’re looking for a durable yet stylish organizer for your desk. Each one is handmade from premium materials and has anodized aluminum rails to provide smooth gliding of the folders.

This mini desk file organizer offers easy, accessible storage for all of your documents. And with a contemporary minimalist design featuring Scandinavian styling and wood choice, you can add a touch of class to any office or desk area.

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21. Under Desk Headphone Stand with USB Charger

The headphone stand with a USB charger is what every gamer needs. It is not only an under-desk headphone hanger but also a USB charging station.

The three-port USB charging station gives you great convenience to charge cell phones or other devices at the same time without messy cables on your gaming desk. You can also have a place to put your iWatch on it when playing games with your headphones.

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22. Personalized Desk Name Plate

The nameplate is made of a clear 1.25 Inches solid block of crystal-clear acrylic glass. It’s durable yet lightweight and sturdy, suitable for any surface. It also boasts a lovely glossy finish that will attract attention when displayed in your home or office. Title your company’s credentials or write any custom message or date to take your gift to the next level. Personalized nameplates are perfect for any occasion: Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthdays + Anniversaries, Office Gifts, and more!

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23. Lamicall Cell Phone Stand

Are you looking for a perfect holder to keep the phone in place? Lamicall Dock is here. It comes with a strong and sturdy aluminum body with a stable footing, providing excellent protection against sudden bumps.

Fits any 4-8 inch smartphone or tablet, including iPhones, Android mobile phones, and Switch devices.

As the rubber pads hold the phone tightly, the device will be more stable and secure.

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Final Words

As you have hopefully learned by now, there are lots of different cool things for desk that are perfect for enhancing your work and lifestyle. When picking out which cool desk accessories you want to add to your workspace, remember that all these items need to work well together.

Good designs often flow seamlessly into your specific environment and don’t clash with your other fixtures and furniture. You can let your creativity go wild with all of these cool things for your desk, and they are perfect for any desktop setup. They will work great in a home office or at a creative studio and allow you to make your desktop something really special.

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