LED vs Laser Printer

led printer vs laser printer

Whether you’re an office worker, a freelancer that works from home, or an entrepreneur that runs their own business, chances are – you’re going to read led vs laser printer. And probably quite often. Although printers can indeed be a man’s worst enemy at times, more often than not, these paper-spewing contraptions can make our … Read more

Types Of Fabric Printing

different types of prints on fabric

What would be the best way to express your creativity and display your artistic talent while making awesome, colorful pieces of clothing, bedsheets, or some other piece of textile? Fabric printing comes to mind as the best answer. Whether you have a black T-shirt at home that you would like to dedicate to your favorite … Read more

Types Of Printers

classification of printers

Even though the IT world is becoming more and more advanced with an ever-increasing number of services moving online, one thing is sure – no matter how popular data clouds and online billing get, there will always be a need present for real-life paper documents. Now, unless you plan to write these documents by hand … Read more

Printing vs Embroidery

printing vs embroidery

When it comes to leaving a permanent imprint on a T-shirt, hoodie, or some other piece of apparel, or whatever other pieces of fabric you want to personalize, there are two major ways you can go about doing it. The first would be to print it. The second would be to have it embroidered. Now, … Read more

Printer vs Copier

printer vs copier

It may seem obvious that the way to go would simply be to go to a nearby computer store (or online, for that matter) and get yourself a printer. Simple enough, right? Well, yes, but what if what you need for your business is many printed copies of a limited pool of the same document, … Read more

How To Print On Both Sides

how to print double-sided

For anyone who’s ever had worked on any project that needs a lot of printed pages, the question of how many pages you can squeeze on a sheet of paper probably popped up more than once. The thing is, modern-day printing technology enables us to print a great number of digital pages, so to speak, … Read more

How To Put Ink In A Printer

how to put ink in a printer

When it comes to the amount of money you have to invest in various computer peripheries, printers would probably come at the top as some of the most dough-thirsty contraptions out there. That said, having a printer at home or at the office that you can use whenever you feel like is always a better … Read more

How To Connect Printer Wirelessly

how to connect printer to wifi

Whether you work in an office and need to print out documents regularly, or you work from home, and you need to do the same thing, or if you’re a student with bootleg course materials that you can’t be bothered to read off of a screen, the thing is – you want to know how … Read more

How Do Scanners Work

working principle of scanner

Representing one of the essential parts of any modern-day office or a personal computer periphery collection of a person working from home, so to speak, scanners are absolute must-have devices if you work with any documents daily. Let’s say you work from home during the Covid times, and you need to send your boss your … Read more

How Much Does A Printer Cost


Whether you already own a printer and you’re looking for an upgrade, or you’ve never owned one and want to arm yourself with a printing contraption, so to speak, buying a printer before you know how much does a printer cost. The thing is, purchasing a printer nowadays is as easy as opening a couple … Read more