How to Clean Printer Heads

how to clean hp inkjet printer heads

If you own a printer, then you must learn how to clean printer heads.  Although all the printer components need proper maintenance, some are more paramount than others. An example of such is the printer’s print heads. These parts require special attention as they can easily get dirty and clogged with ink or toner particles … Read more

How to Reset Printer

how to factory reset hp printer

Step by step guide on how to reset Printer We have various reasons to reset your Printer. The most common reason is that the print head has become dirty or clogged and needs cleaning before printing can resume adequately. If you are having problems with a specific page of text on one side only, it … Read more

Printify vs Printful

printful vs redbubble

So you’ve had lots of fabulous product designs to print locked on your head. And after some contemplation, you think you’ve got all it takes to make it happen. In such a case, the chances are that you consider narrowing your choice on either Printful or Printify. Well, honestly, these brands are leading print-on-demand (POD) … Read more

How to Fix a Printer: 9 Steps

how to fix a printer jam

Printers are an essential part of any office. They help us in printing documents, pictures and other important things that we need for our daily work. Annoyingly, sometimes they fail to print the most desired documents or pictures properly. This can be due to many reasons like low ink level, paper jamming, etc. Supposing you … Read more

Unique Color Names with HTML Hex Code & RGB Code

hex and rgb color codes

Some people may not know, but there are a number of colors that have never been given a common name. There are also some names that don’t exactly make sense to the average person. There are so many colors in the world. And each one of them has a unique name that describes their hue. … Read more

How to Make Brown Paint

how to make brown colour by mixing two colours

Brown is a color that can be tricky to find and typically isn’t found in the same store as other colors. This blog post is about how to make brown paint from other paints. As you are probably aware, there are a variety of colors and shades of brown paint that can be used for … Read more

100 Cool & Easy Things to Draw

ideas of things to draw

Drawing is a great activity for all ages, and there are so many different ways to do it. Whether you’re looking for something relaxing or challenging, one of these 25 cool things to draw will be perfect for you. This blog post includes 25 drawings that can be done by anyone at any skill level … Read more

How to Draw a Leaf – Easy Step by Step Guide

how to draw a leaf easy

Symbolizing nature and its changing seasons, a leaf is beautiful. Leaf shapes can vary greatly; some are simple, while others exhibit a very complex outline. In this article, we’ll discuss how to draw a leaf in a simple way. The easiest way to brush up on your skills is to draw leaves when you get … Read more

How to Paint On Fabrics

painting on fabric with acrylic paint

If you are looking for a fantastic way to give your home a new glamorous touch, fabric painting could be the best solution you are looking for. Whether it’s your shoes, throw pillows, or clothing, painting gives them a new dazzling look. Though it sounds easy, a beginner needs to be cautious and follow the … Read more

How Does a Drawing Tablet Work?

what is a graphics tablet used for

Digital drawing is perceived as an easy way to create art. It’s not! Digital drawings are created using software that allows you to draw on your computer screen, which can be very frustrating if you’re new to digital art or don’t have much experience with it. A drawing tablet makes this process easier because instead … Read more