25 Cool Fonts to Draw

cool fonts to draw

Drawing is a creative way of expressing feelings, imagination, and talent through pictorial representation. It helps in developing logic, memory, and aesthetics. When it comes to creating some art or a cool logo, you need the proper tools to draw your work. You have to have the right kind of markers, paint brushes, and even … Read more

How to Unpause a Printer

Printers are devices that print out text and images onto papers using a special technology called “printing.” They are premium accessories due to their efficiency in producing high-quality prints at a fast speed. Nowadays, almost every household has one or more printers installed in their homes. Many types of printers are available today, ranging from … Read more

How to Use Sticker Paper

Everyone has come around the sticker papers. Whether it’s the free stickers given to children after buying chips or the beautiful ones we get for our laptop covers, these outstanding papers have a way of lighting up our smiles. Removing the adhesive layer and sticking it where it seems right is an everyday, fulfilling, fun … Read more

How to Make Stickers on Procreate

how to make stickers on procreate

Procreate app is one of the most advanced painting and drawing apps for iOS enabled devices. It is an app for drawing that is fun and full of features. The best part about drawing apps is that you will find different tools in the same app. Each tool has its own unique feature. Similarly, the … Read more

Opposite of Green

opposite of green

Green is a very common color. People are increasingly using green in their blogs, articles, business cards, etc. However, you do not want to use the same things as everyone else. You can use the opposite of green for your design. It is an easy way to look stylish and attract new customers. Green has … Read more

10 Free T-Shirt Design Software

free t-shirt design software

T-shirt design is different from designing a graphic for a shirt of another material. The blank shirt and vast space to work with can give you more freedom to express your ideas. No wonder there are many t-shirt designers in the world. Now you have a chance to become one of them, with free t-shirt … Read more

25 Cool 3D Drawing Ideas

cool 3D drawing ideas

3D drawing is high on the list of new skills to learn. This is an area that many people get stuck on. Improving your ability to visualize in three dimensions will open your mind up to more possibilities and ideas in the future. With 3D drawing skills, you can create something interesting which can be … Read more

Types of Perspective in Art

types of perspective in art

A perspective is an important tool for artists, and it’s the technique used by artists and illustrators to create the illusion of depth in their works. Judicious perspective can turn drawings and paintings into a three-dimensional virtual reality. Understanding the different types of perspective in art used can be quite helpful when creating your own … Read more

25 Phone Case Painting Ideas

phone case painting ideas

As smartphones increase in popularity, more and more people want to decorate their phones with art. Painting a phone case is a great way to add some flair without taking away from its functionality. Some people prefer just a simple design or maybe something sentimental or inspirational. Painting phone cases are a fun way to … Read more

How to Thicken Acrylic Paint

How to Thicken Acrylic Paint

There are benefits to thin acrylic paint, somewhat similar to watercolor, but you can also thicken acrylic paint. Thick acrylic paints are easy to use for acrylic painting. You can get the color and texture you want. Thickened paint has a consistency that lends itself well to painting texture. It is often used in printmaking … Read more