Best Printable Fabric Sheets – Buying Guide

Like any other print paper functions, printable fabric sheets also roll and print images, designs, and photos. However, it’s crucial to note the difference in functionality and print quality various sheets produce. When buying, ensure that the best printable fabric sheets you choose are compatible with your printing machine’s model-whether LaserJet or inkjet.

When making your choice, it’s beneficial for you to select a durable sheet that is easy to clean in case of any mess. And since finding such printable fabric sheets for quilting can be challenging, we’ve compiled several printable fabric sheets to help make a purchase decision easily. Please go through our buying guide and discover what’s best for you. 

Our Top Pick:

The 10 Best Printable Fabric Sheets

1. Avery Printable Fabric

Avery Printable Fabric Sheets, 8.5' x 11', Inkjet Printer, 5 Iron On Transfer Sheets (3384)

If you personalize heavy items like blankets, you can never go wrong with Avery printable fabric sheets. These sheets are ideal for printing heavy and light items such as pillows, quilts, tote bags, and many more. It’s your preference that matters.

The sheets are also adaptable to other soft surfaces like cardboard and wood. With this versatility, the sheets ease the creation of designs for wall décor and cloth designs. For instance, you can easily craft lovely images or birthday celebration quotes for your loved ones. Also, Avery has printable fabric transfer sheets that make it easy to feed into various models of inkjet printers.

Most importantly, the sheets offer a large printing surface of 8.5 by 11 inches. Thus you can add images, icons, and any texts of your choice. Avery sheets are soft and pure cotton, making them easy to cut with scissors or an electric cutter. To use them, remove the backing paper and insert them into a photocopier or an inkjet machine and prompt it to print.

Key Features

  • It’s colorless, making it easy to personalize your projects to your liking
  • It has a length of 8.5 by 11 inches.
  • It has a heat seal paper backing. 
  • The sheets are available in both dark and light fabrics


  • It’s ideal for both heavy and light material
  • It offers you the freedom to create different sized images and graphics
  • It has a heat sealing backing that bonds well on any soft surface
  • You can choose to sew it with your hands or with a sewing machine
  • It is compatible with any inkjet printer


  • Bit’s a bit hard to attach on cardboards

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2. Jacquard Fabric

Jacquard Inkjet Cotton 8.5X11 30 Pack

During its existence, Jacquard has proven its reliability in producing high-quality printouts. Moreover, the sheets are versatile and have stood the test of wear and tear- their steal and smooth finishing make it ideal for both photocopiers and inkjet printers. The sheets are also known to survive through shocks and vibrations.

When choosing the best Printable fabric sheets, you can never go wrong with jacquard fabric cotton sheets. Apart from their ease of use, they also welcome you to a broad creativity zone. The sheets measure 8.5 by 11 inches and allow you to add any artwork design when printing or photocopying.

To get them started, pull them back, attach them to the print machine and keep them connected. The pack carries a maximum of 30 sheets and weighs only 0.8pounds.

Important Features

  • It’s compatible with both inkjet printers and photocopiers. You can print photographs, sketches, or drawings on the sheets.
  • It’s 100% pure cotton and comes with a variety of print designs. The fabric contains projects such as guilts, flags, placemats, and appliques. 
  • The sheets are non-sticky and paper-backed
  • They are water-resistant.


  • It has a variety of beautiful images that match a wide range of designs
  • It’s ideal for any cotton fabrics and soft surfaces
  • They fit well with any typical home iron for heat pressing purposes.
  • Has a high value for money at 99%


  • It’s a bit expensive when compared to other Printable fabric sheets.

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3. June Tailor 10 Pack Colorfast 

10-pack Colorfast White Printer Fabric

10-pack colorfast has topped in printable fabric sheets for more than five decades. It never fails in quality, and it quickly bonds with fabrics like duvet covers, tote bags, and pillows. Generally, 10-pack colorfast is an ideal print machine for embroidery since it is 100% original cotton fabric.

After printing your design on these fabric sheets, peel off the backing paper, attach where needed and sew like you would with any cotton sheet. With 10-pack colorfast, you can also use the needle alongside the sewing machine. These sheets are chemically treated for quilts and advanced branding. The ink is also pigmented to reduce its fading rate even after numerous machine wash.

10-Pack colorfast is produced under the June Tailor brand of US origin. As the name suggests, the sheets are made in white, thus ideal for images and pictures of any background color.

Key Features

  • It contains a pack of 10 sheets measuring 8.5 by 11 by 1 inch
  • They are 100% cotton manufactured in white 
  • It contains a pack of 10 sheets measuring 8.5 by 11 by 1 inch
  • Easily hand sew the fabric into your desired project


  • You can add a unique tint to your print by applying heat 
  • The sheets are great for hand sewing since they are non-sticky
  • They dry quickly, bringing out a beautiful feel of the printed images
  • It does not mess up the printing surface 


  • Ironing with too much heat can mess the sheet

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4. EQ Printables

EQ Printables Inkjet Fabric Sheets,1 Pack

EQ tops the list of Inkjet printable fabric sheets. It’s the best for printing detailed sheets on any surface. This makes it ideal for crafting love messages on any apparel and works magic when you design flowers or colorful images on your pillowcases and embroidering activities.

When looking for something light, these are the best sheets – their weight is only 0.8 pounds. Compared with other print sheets in the market, EQ is unique because it is compatible with both inkjet printers and special ink. The special ink adds glamour to images and icons printed on the sheets.

The pack comes with a collection of 6 sheets which are 8.5 by 11 inches and should fit and roll smoothly on a typical inkjet printer. A single sheet is long enough for up to three tags for smaller labels.

Important Features

  • It has colorfast quality that facilitates a fast drying process.
  • They have a fast printing speed when compared to their rivals
  • It has a detailed user’s guide to help you start it off


  • Its hand washable and colorfast. Soak the printed fabric for 10 minutes to remove excess ink. Rinse it until the water is clear- this maintains the quality of the sheet and prevents the ink from fading.
  • It’s easy to remove the backing paper. To reap from this, allow the sheet to rest for 15 minutes after printing. You can then peel off the cover paper, attach the sheet to your fabric, and sew it to finish your project.
  • The fabrics are compatible with inkjet printers. This quality makes them produce high-quality images. No unique setting or ink is required. You can scan hand-written texts or take photos to use in your project.


  • It’s not the best for new sewers. It’s hard to sew with a needle.

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5. Sunnyscopa 

Printable Colorfast Fabric Sheets for inkjet printer by Sunnyscopa - CANVAS, SEW-IN, BEIGE, US LETTER SIZE 8.5'x11', 10 SHEETS

In our number 5 list of best printable fabric sheets, we focus on the Sunnyscopa inkjet canvas sheet. These great sheets are available in both white and beige colors. You can make prints of your images and sew them on your cushion, pillowcases, or and other projects of your choice.

These sheets allow you to create beautiful DIY pillows and cushions without the need for a heat press; you only need to sew them directly into your project.

Key Features

  • It comes with a pack of ten sheets measuring 8.5 by 11 inches
  • It’s both ideals for hand washing and machine wash
  • It comes with a user’s manual that guides you on how to use it
  • It has no storage specifications, no need to keep it away from direct sunlight.


  • It’s easy to use
  • It does not require special storage measures
  • It’s compatible with anymodel of inkjet printers
  • It offers you various project designs to choose from


  • It’s limited for use only to inkjet printers

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6. June Tailor JT-949-Colorfast

June Tailor Sew-in Colorfast Fabric Sheets

June tailor has been in existence since 2007. You can directly print your favorite images and graphics and sew them as pure cotton fabric into your project. To set the ink, rinse it thoroughly with clean water to eliminate excess ink.

A complete pack of June tailor printables weighs about half a kilogram, and the sheets measure 1.295 by 34.188 by 31.496 centimeters (length, height, and width, respectively). June tailor is customized to feed well to inkjet printers and is ideal for creating personalized design prints and images.

Important Features

  • Its country of origin is the United States
  • It is of middleweight- weighs about half a kilogram
  • It’s made of pure cotton, making it best for making quilts and simple crafts


  • It’s pocket friendly- way cheaper than its rivals in the market
  • It’s easy to use – just peel of the backing paper and sew it into your project
  • It attaches well to any fabric


  • Its weight makes it unpleasant to most designers

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7. PPD (PPD083-10)

PPD Inkjet Canvas 100% Real Printable Cotton LTR 8.5 x 11' 125lbs. 340gsm 17mil x 10 sheets (PPD083-10)

Our number 7 list of best printable fabric sheets brings us to the promising PPD inkjet canvas. Produced in the US, PPD Inkjet comes in a pack of ten sheets that are a breeze even for the most complicated designs. The sheets measure 8.27 by 111.69 inches (A-4 size), so you don’t have to worry about the challenges of inadequate space.

Being white, PPD Inkjet is best for images that have a transparent background.  Nevertheless, depending on the type and color you use, you will get well-customized pictures and texts of various shades of your preference. However, you can print on materials like cardboard, cotton shirts, and many more.

PPD Printable has proven its superiority quality and high-resolution images and graphics that you can gift to your loved ones. If you are anxious about the cost, PPD costs half the price of most of its rivals in the market. With this in mind, they offer results that will exceed your expectations.

Key Features

  • High Resolution. The PPD sheets can print high-resolution images and draw with any typical inkjet printer 
  • They are limited for use with Inkjet printers
  • It’s 100% pure cotton canvas. Photos printed on canvas are stylish and attractive.


  • High-resolution graphics on both black and white fabrics
  • It has a fast drying process
  • Used easily on both pigmented inks and dyes
  • It fits easily on any typical inkjet printer
  • It does magic in giving your wall a great look and producing beautiful artistic portraits.


  • It’s only compatible with an inkjet printer

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8. EQ Printables 25 sheets

EQ Printables: 25 Inkjet Fabric Sheets

This fabric pack comes with a total of 25 printable sheets. The sheets are white, thus giving a blazing glamour to the images and photos printed. It’s perfect for creating memory quilts, labels, and fabric scrapbooks.

These cotton printables open you into a new world of creativity and enrich your fabric design qualities. You can freely scan flowers, photos, and any print design you desire. For impressive results, allow the ink to dry after printing and soak the fabric in clean water for about 10 minutes. You can then peel off the backing paper and sew it into your preferred project.

Key Features

  • It contains a total of 6 sheets per package
  • It’s only compatible with inkjet printers
  • It’s perfect for all types of quilts
  • It has an extra-large sheet length of 12 by 20 by 1 inch.


  • It’s versatile; You can use it on dolls, tote bags, and cushions
  • It does not fade off quickly- it holds the ink even after numerous machine wash
  • Produces high quality and sharp images


  • It can be challenging to find an inkjet printer for much larger fabric. You may have to walk up and down if you want to print a material that exceeds a length of 8 inches.

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9. LANSING-10601013

Lansing 100% Cotton Poplin Sheets, White

Our number 9 printable fabric brings us to Lansing. It is one of the fabrics that should come to mind when you think of printing quilts of your photos and kid’s artwork off your computer. The fabric is paper-backed making it easy to roll through the inkjet printer. 

You do not have to worry about difficulties in sewing since it’s non-sticky-just peel off the backing paper and attach it to your project. Lansing fabric sheets are easy to use and are pocket-friendly. These sheets produce high-quality prints that exceed their low prices. Fabric experts go for these sheets to avoid unnecessary costs. After all, your focus should be on the quality of the fabric.

Key Features

  • It has a backing paper that makes it run smoothly on the inkjet printer.
  • It’s the best for making quilts of photos and images. You can print directly from your computer.
  • It’s packed in a bunch of 5 sheets measuring 8.5 by 11 inches, thus offering enough print surface.
  • Its originally produced in the US manufactured by Lansing
  • They have less weight of 0.432 0unces


  • It’s colorfast, and thus the ink dries fast after printing
  • It has a peelable paper backing 
  • It’s best when you want to create beautiful memory quilts 


Therefore it’s a bit large and will require inkjet printers with larger printing surfaces for extra-large designs.

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10. Electric Quilt 6 Packs Sheet

Electric Quilt? Printables - Inkjet Cotton Lawn Fabric Sheets 6/Pkg

You can easily print sharp and high-quality images directly from your computer with this soft fabric. You get to dive into your fabric design qualities as you scan love letters, flowers, and pictures for your printing projects.

The fabrics are great for quilts; sew them into your project once the ink dries completely. The pack comes with 25 sheets measuring 5.5 by 11 inches and weighs 0.8 ounces. Electric Quilt printables are white and ideal for both dark and bright backgrounds.

They are also colorfast, easy to wash, and dry cleanable

Key Features

  • Prints high-quality images with high resolution.
  • It can scan even the most minute hand-written texts.
  • It is compatible with any model of inkjet printer.
  • They have a white background making them ideal for dark and bright graphics.


  • You are assured of high-quality products for your quilts and other prints 
  • It’s easy to use and comes with a user’s guide with detailed instructions
  • You can print complex and hand-written texts 


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Buying Guide to Best Printable Fabric Sheets

best printable fabric sheets

When selecting the best printable fabric sheets for your printing projects, think through the following factors.

1. Durability

You want a fabric sheet that will serve the intended purpose perfectly and give you a long-lasting result. Such a fabric sheet will save you huge costs in the long run.

2. Type of Your Printer

Fabric sheets are designed to fit well with different printers. There are printable fabric sheets for laser printers or inkjet printers. Laser printers are best for commercial purposes where quality images are a necessity. On the other hand, inkjet printers are cheaper with a small footprint making them best for home use. With an inkjet printer, you can efficiently transfer your images to your items without much hustle.

3. Size of the Paper

It’s essential to take note of the fabric sheet size on the label before purchasing. Ensure that its length matches the image size. You can get a more extensive sheet to allow room for more creativity and designs.

4. Read Online Feedback

Read through the many printable fabric sheets details and get a clue about the best printable fabric sheets. Feedback such as this one is written with an expert point of view, so go through them and get to see whether you find what you need.

5. Know Your Budget

Knowing how much you want to use on the fabric sheets is essential. Designers mainly purchase fabric sheets for personalizing t-shirts, rote, sweaters, and other fabrics without incurring unnecessary costs. 

Bottom Line

Identifying the best printable fabric sheets can be challenging. However, we hope you can now navigate the entire selection process easier with these comprehensive printable fabric sheets buying guide. Pick one of the fabric sheets highlighted here and try it out if you can’t. We assure you of a prosperous fabric design journey with any fabric of our choice.

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