Top 10 Best Pocket Printer Reviews

If you’re looking for a way to preserve your memories for a long time, printing pictures of your precious moments is a great way. But a printer can be heavy and bulky and not very ideal for carrying around. Not anymore! Now you can carry a mini printer inside your pocket that packs similar power to a full-size printer.

These innovative printers are geared towards printing small postcard-sized photos. Their sticky back makes it easy to stick them on anything you like. Having lots of cool features, these printers are gaining quite a following in the photography community.

However, the market is flooded with a wide variety of mini best pocket printers. And therefore, we’ve listed the 10 best pocket printers that will serve you the best performance along with instant printing and enhanced convenience as some don’t even require ink to function.

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Top 10 Best Pocket Printer Reviews- 2021

1. Canon IVY Mobile Mini Photo Pocket Printer

Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer for Smartphones (Rose Gold) - Sticky-back prints, Pocket-size

Print your favorite memories directly from your smartphone, no matter whether taken just now or downloaded from social media, with the Canon’s IVY Mobile Mini, which is an excellent phone photo printer that will bring life to your pictures.

This 2”x3” printer is pocket-friendly and can connect to your phone via Bluetooth. With the Canon IVY Mobile Mini, your next birthday parties or the pool parties will become more exciting with its 2”x3” printed pictures which you can stick to anywhere as they feature peel-and-stick backs.


Portability: Weighing only at 5.6 ounces, this mobile mini printer is very lightweight and, of course, very small, sizing only at 2”x3”, smaller than your phone. You can carry this inside your pocket with optimal ease.

Connectivity: This device connects to your smartphone with its Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Just download the Canon Mini Print App (available for iOS and Android), and connect the printer to your smartphone device with the app through Bluetooth connectivity to print.

Besides, this app also features editing options to customize your photos with stickers, frames, text, and other features before printing.

Convenience: Printing a photo is super convenient with the IVY Mobile Mini. Open the lid, load the blue smartsheet and then put the ZINK Photo Paper on top and you’re ready to print. Wait! Where’s the Ink? It doesn’t require any ink! Remember the last time you forgot to buy ink for your printer? It’s not happening with this one.


  • Extremely lightweight & pocket-friendly design
  •  Highly convenient and easy to use.
  • Connects with Bluetooth 4.0
  • Dedicated app which is available on both iOS and Android
  • Does not require any ink
  • Pictures are smudge-proof, tear-proof & water-resistant


  • Requires smartphone connection to operate

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2. Polaroid Hi-Print Pocket Printer

Polaroid Originals Hi-Print - Bluetooth Connected 2x3 Pocket Photo Printer - Dye-Sub Printer (Not Zink Compatible)

Find, print, and stick – life is that simple with the Polaroid Hi-Print Dye-Sub Printer that prints high-definition pictures in less than a minute. You don’t need to let go of any of the instant moments that you desire to keep in your life physically, and for that, this printer prints 2” X3” business card size photos that you can save and share.

And the technology? Its Dye-Sub technology makes high-quality printing as quick as you can ever care, making it the best Polaroid printer.


Technology: Unlike most mini best pocket printers, the Polaroid Hi-Print uses very advanced Dye-Sub Technology. This enables the printer to use dye-sub cartridges to print pictures that will be extremely high in resolution and remarkably vibrant, resulting in an attractive photo. And how long will it take to print? Just 50 seconds, Yes.

Connectivity: No wire is needed to operate this tiny little printer. All you need is a smartphone and Bluetooth connectivity, and you can print pictures as easily as you never thought of. 

Besides, for your enhanced experience, Polaroid offers you the Polaroid Hi-Print mobile app available on both Android and iOS devices. Do you like customization? No worries, cause the app offers many options to decorate your pictures according to your needs.

Convenience: Despite being formed in such a small structure, this printer also features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which will last you long enough.

Although it may sound heavy, this printer is lightweight and small enough, which makes it the perfect companion to carry in your best pocket printer to print anywhere.


  • Small and Easily Pocketable
  • Features Dye-Sub Technology
  • Prints pictures in very high resolution
  • Available Dedicated app for enhanced convenience
  • Pictures can be printed in less than a minute


  • Not compatible with Polaroid Zink Paper

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3. KODAK Step Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

KODAK Step Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer (White) Compatible w/ iOS & Android, NFC & Bluetooth Devices
Bring your printing profile to the next level with the KODAK Step Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer, an excellent portable photo printer

With just a simple click, you can easily print your selfies, portraits, or even screenshot instantly with the help of Bluetooth or NFC. Besides, Kodak made the necessity of using ink to print irrelevant as it features an ever-impressive Zero-Ink Technology.


Technology: There is no need for expensive ink cartridges or toners, or ribbons to print with this mini printer as its Zero-Ink Technology eliminates the need. All you need is 2”x3” Zink paper and get the performance of high-quality print in the shape of a mini pocket device.

For your queries, the pictures are water-resistant as well as smudge and tear-proof.

Portability: Portability is high here as this small device can fit inside your palm every easily. Despite there being a lithium-ion battery to power the device to print remarkable pictures, it is quite lightweight and very portable. Ideal for any photo-loving influencer and crafter, this small photo printer can print up to 25 photos in one go.

Connectivity and Convenience: With the help of Bluetooth and NFC, you can easily connect this device with your smartphone. Furthermore, Kodak offers a free app (available for iOS and Android), making connectivity and customization easy for you. Just edit the pictures in the app, and within 60 seconds, you’ll have a printed form of your desired and customized picture.


  • Very compact and available in a variety of colors.
  • Can print pictures within 60 seconds.
  • Up to 25 pictures can be printed with a full charge.
  • Does not require any type of ink cartridge, toner, or ribbon.
  • Offers a dedicated app for convenience.


  • Users have experienced operational issues occasionally.

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4. HP Sprocket Portable 2”x3″ Instant Photo Printer

HP Sprocket Portable 2x3' Instant Photo Printer (Luna Pearl) Print Pictures on Zink Sticky-Backed Paper from your iOS & Android Device.

Print photos instantly and conveniently, no matter where you are, with the HP Sprocket Portable, which is highly renowned in the community at the moment. Print any pictures, whether they are selfies or just pictures from social media, on 2”x3” papers with sticky backs with modern features such as 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity and smart LED notification.


Connectivity: Unlike most other mobile photo printers, this device comes with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. This feature will allow you to connect multiple devices to this mini printer without the need for disconnection of any.

However, a connection of several devices can be confusing, and for that reason, its personalized LED feature will show you which device’s picture is being printed.

Convenience: This mini printer comes with a handy feature, a sleep mode that makes it more efficient. Not just that, because of that feature, this device will always remain connected to your device so that you can print your pictures at any moment without actually draining its battery.

Personalization: If you’re someone who wants to design and decorate your pictures, this mini printer offers a very convenient HP Sprocket app. This app will also let you share photo albums that contain edited pictures with anyone you want.

Speed: This device will ensure you instant prints of your preferred pictures. Not just that, the printed pictures are also smudge-proof which allows you to keep them anywhere you want. Just load 10 sheets of Zink Paper in it and print effortlessly.


  • Prints pictures instantly.
  • Can connect multiple devices simultaneously
  • Features sleep mode for better battery management
  • Personalized LED notification system
  • Albums can be shared with the dedicated app


  • Photo quality could be better.

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5. HP Sprocket Studio 4”x6” Instant Photo Printer

HP Sprocket Studio Photo Printer – Personalize & Print, Water- Resistant 4x6' Pictures (3MP72A)

Bring the convenience of a traditional printer in the shape of a smaller design with the HP Sprocket Studio, a compact photo printer that prints high-quality photos in a 4”x6” form factor. Its printed pictures are highly colorful and glossy. Besides, with the added benefits of augmented reality fun and customization, this is a worthy contender in our list of the best pocket printer.


Quality: Unlike smaller best pocket printers that print 2”x3” photos, this printer can print 4”x6″. Furthermore, the printed pictures are rich, well saturated, and glossy, making the pictures more amusing to the viewers’ eyes. Plus, the pictures are quite durable, too, as they are smudge-proof and can last up to 100 years if kept with care.

Connectivity: Connect multiple devices simultaneously to this device with ease. You don’t need to disconnect your already connected device to connect another. This features a Bluetooth 5.O connectivity feature that allows it to connect several devices at once, which uplifts the convenience of this compact printer a few notches.

Convenience: Setting up this device is a child’s play. All you need is to turn the device on, open the dedicated HP Sprocket app, connect the device via Bluetooth and start printing. However, using this device without any wire connection, better to carry a power brick with you.

Personalization: Its dedicated app makes connection seamless and enables you to customize your photos according to your needs and share them with your friends and family. Plus, the app also lets you have fun with content in augmented reality.


  • Prints high-quality 4”x6″ pictures instantly.
  • Setup is very easy and effortless.
  • 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity lets you connect multiple devices at once.
  • Personalization and customization are available with the dedicated app.
  • Features augmented reality.


  • To go wireless, a power bank is required.

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6. Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer - Dark Denim

At number 6, the quickest mini printer is available on the market, the Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer that can print pictures up to 100 pictures continuously. This mini printer is designed to attract the attention of the surrounding with its beautiful and light design and various engaging social features.

Available in three beautiful color options: Dusky Pink, Dark Denim, and Ash White, this printer is set to steal your heart.


Speed: This printer can print pictures remarkably fast. Just in 12 seconds, you’ll have your picture printed, which makes this the best instant photo printer in the market. Besides, if you’re someone who always prints several pictures, no worries as this can print pictures constantly, up to 100 pieces. Just make sure you have a full charge.

Convenience: Fujifilm offers an extremely entertaining app named Instax Mini Link that you can download free from the app store. The app features two modes, print mode and fun mode. Fun mode is all about amusement.

Here, several options are provided, such as Match Test, Party Print, and Surprise Mode. Besides, the app is also packed with 27 frame designs and 14 collage styles to enhance your experience.

Compatibility: If you have any X series cameras that support the Fujifilm Camera Remote App, you can print pictures directly from your digital cameras. Get higher resolution pictures instantly with this device. Just connect the camera with the printer through the app, and you’re all set to print some decent shots.


  • Extremely fast printing speed
  • Able to print pictures continuously, up to 100 pictures.
  • Fun and easy to use app with tons of features
  • Can print pictures from supported digital cameras
  • Great print quality


  • Limited options over the qualities of the picture

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7. KODAK Smile Instant Digital Bluetooth Printer

KODAK Smile Instant Digital Bluetooth Printer for iPhone & Android – Edit, Print & Share 2x3 Zink Photos w/ Smile App (Green)

Designed to make you smile, KODAK has brought their Smile Instant Digital Bluetooth Printer, one of the most popular smartphone printers. Colored in a trendy manner, this pocket-size printer features a wedge, from where the photo comes out with the high-resolution glory.

Besides, it connects very easily via Bluetooth and requires no ink whatsoever to print lovely sticky-back photos to make your life a little less complicated.


Portability: The design will attract you the most as it features a very trendy pop open system. You’ll find a wedge on the side of the device where your desired photo will come out. Besides, its lightweight and small form factor make it extremely easy to carry inside your pocket or purse, or backpack.

Convenience: Printers can be quite complicated during usage, but this one is not like that. Kodak has designed this product in a way that ease will remain on your fingertips when used. Just connect the device with your smartphone and print, with no complication activation system at all.

Technology: This printer does not require any ink cartridge. All you need is an ink-free sticky back Zink paper, and you’re good to go. With the paper already containing all the ink to print the photos, no separate cartridges are needed.

Connectivity: To make your pictures even more engaging and trendy, use its dedicated app via Bluetooth, which is available for iOS and Android, and enjoy the enhanced experiences with great features such as editing tools, filters, and fun effects.


  • Features an attractive and stylish look.
  • Its pop-open opening is very trendy.
  • Can be connected to any type of device that supports bluetooth connectivity.
  • Requires no ink to print photos.
  • Its dedicated app is full of fun features.


  • It is comparatively expensive.

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8. KODAK Smile Instant Print Digital Camera

KODAK Smile Instant Print Digital Camera – Slide-Open 10MP Camera w/2x3 ZINK Printer (Blue)

A remarkable blend between retro design and modern technology, the KODAK Smile Instant Print Digital Camera allows you to take pictures and print them whenever you want. This handheld printer and camera feature a sliding design that distinguishes this from any other instant print camera, bulky and heavy.


Quality: This camera features an 8mm lens and autofocus and can take up to 10 megapixels. High-quality photos are always ensured here due to the device’s high resolution.

Features: Many handy features come with this device that makes anyone feel like a photo enthusiast regardless of age. Its user interface makes photo-taking as easy as you want. Plus, you can also edit and share the pictures without a hassle. Other convenient features are Auto-Flash, 2 Picture Modes, Fixed Focus and LCD Viewfinder.

Convenience: Unlike any other printer where you have to connect to a smartphone to print any of your pictures, this can take pictures and paint pictures effortlessly. Just load the camera with Zink Sticky Back Photo Paper and take pictures and print them at your will.

Portability: Most instant print cameras are bulky and heavy. This solves that problem with its lightweight, compact and small design that catches the attention of the most brutal ignorers. Besides, its sliding design is eye-catching and extremely convenient.

Additionally, this camera comes with a unique slide-out case that protects it comes to any impact.


  • Very innovative design
  • It is very easy-to-use
  • Compact, lightweight and slim, it is ideal for travel.
  • It offers a very good value for money.
  • Comes with user friendly features.


  • It takes comparatively longer time to startup

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9. Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi Portable 4×6” Instant Photo Pocket Printer

Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi Portable 4x6” Instant Photo Printer, Premium Quality Full Color Prints - Compatible w/iOS & Android Devices

Make printing a result of just a singular touch with the Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi Portable 4×6” Instant Photo Printer. This impressive printing gadget can print pictures directly from your smartphone with ease.

With its D2T2 Thermal Transfer Technology, this ensures that neither the pictures will bleed nor they will fade. Plus, unlike any of the printers on this list, this can charge up to two of your devices with its fast charging dock.


Quality: Thanks to its D2T2 Thermal Transfer Technology, pictures will come out in excellent color along with supreme details. Besides the quality, the pictures will fade and be waterproof, and will last longer.

Plus, its innovative dye transfer technology offers a laminated protection layer for your photos that helps the photos not to bleed or fade.

Compatibility: This device is compatible with tons of devices and can connect via Bluetooth and USB. Not just with your iOS and Android devices, you can print pictures directly from your digital camera using nothing but PictBridge.

Portability: Despite the number of features, this device is meant for traveling everywhere with you. With its very lightweight and compact form factor, you can carry it to your office, class, or wherever you’re traveling to.

Convenience: It is effortless to refill the ink cartridges of this device. All you have to do is pull with your two fingers to eject, then insert the cartridge to print. As simple as that.


  • Prints photos in stunning details and colors.
  • Printed pictures are durable and longer lasting.
  • Can be used with a huge variety of devices.
  • Features a compact design for easy mobility.
  • Is capable of charging two smartphones at the same time.


  • The price is comparatively high.

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10. Lifeprint 2×3 Portable Photo and Video Printer

Lifeprint 2x3 Portable Photo and Video Printer for iPhone and Android. Make Your Photos Come to Life w/Augmented Reality - White

Bring life to your captured memories with the Lifeprint 2×3 Portable Photo and Video Printer, an innovative Bluetooth mobile printer that processes augmented reality hyper photo. Furthermore, this small and very portable device can be taken anywhere with you, as it can easily fit inside your pocket.

Also, you don’t need to care for any ink cartridges as it requires none. Just load the printer with Zink paper and print effortlessly.


Technology: A series of hyper photos with augmented reality are presented with this device that can be experienced on your hand. All you have to do is hold the printed photos in front of the dedicated app, and the viewfinder will show the movement within the picture.

Not just that, you can print videos, and when held in front of the app, the video will be shown.

Connectivity: Lifeprint features globally connected printing networks where you can share your pictures with your friends and family. A simple follow, and you can share and see other’s posts.

Portability: This printer is very compact and lightweight, making it a great option to carry around. Carry this to any of your parties to impress your friends with its instant printing and augmented reality features.

Convenience: Printing photos are extremely easy on this device. Just download the dedicated app and connect to your smartphone with the app’s help via Bluetooth. With just a simple click, your favorite memories will be printed effortlessly. Editing features are also provided with the app for enhanced customization.


  • Features innovative hyperphoto technology.
  • Utilizes Zink technology.
  • Its form-factor is compact and light.
  • Lets you connect to a wider social network.
  • Easy to use.


  • Quality of the pictures could be better.

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Buying Guide for the Best Pocket Printer


Buying the wrong pocket printer can damage you in several ways, as it takes time, effort, and money to acquire the best pocket printer. It is important to keep several things in mind before buying the best pocket printer. Such important factors are discussed to understand and buy which one is the most suited for you.

Ink Technology: Different printers utilize different technologies to print the best result for you. In recent times it is quite noticeable that few mini printers do not require any ink cartridges to print, which makes them extremely convenient. It’s better to choose a printer that uses Zero-Ink Technology as they eliminate the necessity of ink.

Connectivity: Connectivity is a huge concern for mini printers, as they are mostly used for printing pictures taken by your smartphone. Bluetooth connectivity is standard with the mini printers.

However, so do features wifi connectivity. Some others also feature a much updated Bluetooth 5.0, which ensures multiple device connectivity. Choosing a device with higher connectivity features is highly advisable.

Portability: Mini-best pocket printers are designed to carry around. And for that very reason, a mini printer should be compact, small, and light as well as easily portable so that no matter where you go, you can print your favorite memories at any moment. Always look for printers that you can easily carry inside your pocket without any hassle as they will serve you the ultimate mobility.

Convenience: Nevertheless, mini printers can also serve the purpose of simplifying our lives. Convenience is an important factor in choosing a better mini printer as it will enhance your whole experience of the device. A convenient mini printer will ensure you an easy-to-use interface, easy setup, and an app full of features so that you remain content.

How to Print Pictures from Phone

Buying the printer will not ensure you print your favorite picture. Additionally, you should know how to print a picture using your smartphone. Here, one reliable companion will always be your most important player who is Bluetooth.

Without Bluetooth connectivity, your desire for printing will never be achieved. With these few easy and simple steps below, you can be the master of printing photos in no time.

Step 1: Open the App

Open the dedicated app that comes with the printer to navigate through the picture to select.

Step 2: Take/Choose a Picture

Take a picture with your smartphone or choose an existing picture from your gallery or social media which you want to print.

Step 3: Edit the Selected Picture

You can edit the picture according to your preference. You can change the picture’s tone, tune the picture or add effects and frames for enhanced customization. If you’re someone who wants to keep your pictures clean, rather skip the customization.

Step 4: Select Print

When you are ready to print the picture, press print, some printing apps feature swipe gestures to print.

Step 5: Wait

Wait until the print is over. Some printers can print very fast, where some other take time to complete the printing procedure. However, no matter which printer you use, it will take a certain time to complete the print, and you need to wait.

Step 6: Save, Share or Stick

Lastly, save the printed copy of your picture or share it with your loved ones. You can also stick the picture to literally anywhere. Most of the pictures offer sticky backs.

How to Use Polaroid Zink Printer with iPhone

best pocket printer

At first, using a polaroid zink printer can seem to be very confusing. However, this is not the actual case rather the opposite. Printing a picture from your iPhone is extremely easy if the functions are done appropriately. For your ultimate convenience, steps to use a polaroid Zink printer with your iPhone is given below;

Step 1: Recharge your printer.

A printer will not operate properly if it’s on low charge. It is always recommended to use a printer on a full charge.

Step 2: Fill the Printer with Zink Paper

Open the refill tray, which can be on the sides of the back, and put the pack of pictures inside.

Step 3: Download the App

Download the dedicated app from the App Store and open the app.

Step 4: Connect the App

Via Bluetooth, connect your iPhone to your printer to send pictures that are needed to be printed.

Step 5: Select the Picture

From the app, select the picture which you want to print. If you want to edit, the built-in editor within the app will serve you the purpose.

Step 6: Print the Picture

Click print and wait for the picture to be printed.


What is the Best Pocket Printer?

Various mini printers offer different distinct functionalities, and for that reason, choosing any as the best can be quite challenging. For instance, if you want instant photos, get the Fujifilm Instax Mini, as it can print in 12 seconds.

Want better connectivity? Both the HP Sprocket Portable and HP Sprocket Studio features Bluetooth 5.0. Looking for the best portability and functionality? Canon IVY will serve you the best.

What’s Better: Canon IVY or HP Sprocket?

Both Canon and HP are renowned brands in the printer industry, and both the IVY and Sprocket shine with their high performances and reliability. However, both of them have their own advantages.

The Canon IVY is a very portable, highly compact, and excellently performing mini printer that does not require any ink. On the other hand, the HP Sprocket features Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity that lets you connect multiple devices at once.

Does Zink Paper Fade?

If you’re looking forward to preserving your memories for a really long time, Zink papers may not be the best option as they tend to fade after a certain period and under UV rays as they are less resistant to that.

Kodak papers can keep pictures for 10 to 25 years, whereas Fuji papers can last for 70 years.

Does the Canon IVY Printer Need Ink?

No. Canon IVY does not require any ink. This printer uses ZINK Technology which uses Zink papers to print. The papers are heat sensitive, and all the required ink comes within the paper. All you need to do is to load the printer with Zink paper and print. No need for any messy ink cartridges and refill.

How Much is a Mini Printer?

Mini printers are not that expensive and can be a great gift for a kid or an adult. A decent-performing mini printer can be found within the range of $50 to $120. The price totally depends on the quality of the print as well as the features and functionalities.

However, some do come with included ink cartridges or Zink paper, whereas some don’t. So better to check before buying.


Printers are a great way to keep your memories alive. With the advance of modern technologies, the big, bulky, and heavy sizes of the printers have shrunken become small, compact, and light, which can be easily carried within the pocket.

In our list of some of the best pocket printers, we’ve jotted a few of the high-performing printers that money can buy. These printers will offer you excellent portability along with exceptional performance while maintaining top-notch connectivity.

With the added benefits of user-friendly features, these printers will serve you the best experience that you expect from a high-quality printer.

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