How to Draw a Leaf – Easy Step by Step Guide

how to draw a leaf easy

Symbolizing nature and its changing seasons, a leaf is beautiful. Leaf shapes can vary greatly; some are simple, while others exhibit a very complex outline. In this article, we’ll discuss how to draw a leaf in a simple way. The easiest way to brush up on your skills is to draw leaves when you get … Read more

How a Mechanical Pencil Works

mechanical pencil parts

Using mechanical pencils can be very useful in many ways. They are great for sketching, drawing, and writing. However, they have their disadvantages too. For example, you cannot sharpen them like normal pens or markers. You also need to buy new ones every time your old one runs out of ink. So why would anyone … Read more

How to Draw Flowers

how to draw flowers easy

Roses, tulips, and other flowers are symbolic of love. Drawing is also a great way to express your feelings. Flowers can be drawn in any style, from realism to abstract. When it comes to drawing flowers, there is always something new to learn. Drawing flowers can be difficult because of the many shapes and textures … Read more

How To Make & Sell NFT Art

how to sell nft art

If you’ve been surfing the Internet during the last 10 or so years, you have probably chanced upon articles talking about ‘How to buy and sell bitcoin?’ or ‘How to invest in bitcoin and get large returns down the road,’ or something along those lines. The thing is, bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies have been … Read more

How To Copyright Artwork

how to copyright artwork

Coming up with a great piece of artwork in the past used to mean visiting galleries and making deals with them so that you can show it to as many people as possible. Nowadays, however, it’s becoming easier and easier to share your artwork with a large Internet audience. What’s more, if your artwork is … Read more

How to Draw a Rose

how to draw a rose realistic

You might have noticed that flowers are often used in logos, paintings, and tattoos. The Beauty of a flower has been praised for centuries! All flowers have beautiful and positive qualities, but roses stand out as the best. The rose is one of many flowers in the world that represent love. The Folks have embraced … Read more

How To Print Artwork

how to print artwork

In the days of yore, creating a piece of art would mean spending endless hours over a canvas or a piece of thick paper and obsessing over every single detail. Using the wrong color or smudging your painting could mean your artwork can be ruined, which is why many artists went to great lengths to … Read more

How to Sell Artwork Online

sell fine art online

Before the Internet was ever a thing, making and creating art meant you need to put in a lot of hard work to not only create art but also market it and sell it – mostly from the people in your environment, so to speak. In this article, we’re going to talk about how to … Read more

How Art Impacts Our Lives

how does art influence society

For centuries, art has been a fundamental part of human life. It is the expression of our deepest thoughts and feelings that cannot be expressed in words. From paintings to sculptures, there are many ways we can appreciate art for its beauty and its meaning. It is tough to live a life without the influence … Read more

How Artists Make Money

how to make money from drawing and painting

Ever wonder how artists make money? Well, I’ll tell you, it’s not easy. Artists are always trying to find ways to make their art and their lives work together. People who work in the arts know that staying financially stable can be challenging. This happens in any profession. But there are more lows than highs … Read more