Marble Painting for Kids

Marble painting for kids

Marble painting for kids is a fun activity to do with kids. Toddlers love it because they find the shaking sensation of placing paint on the cardstock or paper enjoyable. It’s also a mild sensory experience as the mix of sensations makes it one of the best crafts to do with toddlers. Do you need … Read more

55 Funny & Cool Wall Art for Your Home Living Room

cool wall art

Have you ever looked at your wall and thought, “This is just so boring.”? I know that feeling. You can’t even tell what the walls are made of because it’s just a bunch of colors blending together. Well, this blog post will show some cool wall art to spice up any wall!  Wall art is … Read more

How to Draw a Castle

how to draw a castle

Have you ever seen the castles either in books or in real life? Castle is fascinating because it’s very different from most of the houses. Castle looks more like a small city than a private house. But It’s really nice to look at, and people are always fascinated by it’s design. A castle is one … Read more

How to Draw a Landscape

how to draw a landscape

Landscapes can be truly breathtaking, but they aren’t an easy subject to draw. The artist must utilize value changes and color variations to set the scene with their large open spaces. Landscapes give us a lot to look at, whether it’s looking at plants, houses, or mountains. But what do you do if you want … Read more

How to Draw a Hand Holding Something

how to draw a hand holding something

Many people in the world want to learn more about hand drawing. Having skilled hand-drawing abilities is essential to any artist’s success. Hand-drawing is the foundation of most art projects and can take many forms, such as oil painting, sketching, or chalk drawing. Since hands are so important in painting a picture, it’s necessary to … Read more

How to Draw a Car

how to draw a car

We all need to express our feelings once in a while. When words fail, we draw or paint to showcase our emotions. You can do the same with your car by giving it a makeover. By altering your car’s appearance, you can say whatever you want without even uttering a single word. Drawing a car … Read more

How to Draw Water Drop

How to Draw Water Drop

Water drops are simple but elegant structures that can be found all around us. Rain, dew, and mist are all made up of water droplets, and these little orbs of water can be fascinating to look at. It’s no secret that water droplets are mesmerizing. Whether you’re watching them fall from the sky or form … Read more

How To Preserve Pencil Drawings

showing how to preserve pencil drawings

From time to time, you need to preserve your pencil drawings. To be in a position to preserve pencil drawings, you need to learn various life hacks on how to preserve pencil drawings. There are several life hacks available in the market today. To identify the path, you need to compare them in terms of … Read more

How to Paint Water

how to paint water

Painting water can be difficult. In addition to reflections, transparency, and motion, there are a lot of factors to consider. There is water in many forms: on a beach, crashing waves, reflecting the surroundings in a lake or a turquoise lake. This makes it hard to come up with any standard formula. The tips I … Read more