How To Preserve Pencil Drawings

From time to time, you need to preserve your pencil drawings. To be in a position to preserve pencil drawings, you need to learn various life hacks on how to preserve pencil drawings. There are several life hacks available in the market today. To identify the path, you need to compare them in terms of … Read more

How to Paint Water

how to paint water

Painting water can be difficult. In addition to reflections, transparency, and motion, there are a lot of factors to consider. There is water in many forms: on a beach, crashing waves, reflecting the surroundings in a lake or a turquoise lake. This makes it hard to come up with any standard formula. The tips I … Read more

How to Draw Watermelon

how to draw watermelon easy

What are the easiest and fastest ways to draw a watermelon? You can cool off during that hot summer heat with juicy watermelons: they’re sweet and juicy, and they’re delicious. Since watermelons are in season and summer is fun, I thought what better way to celebrate than to draw them? Here are 4 methods you … Read more

How to Draw Strawberry

how to draw strawberry guide

Strawberries are red fruits that grow on certain Rosaceae plants. Strawberries typically have white flowers. Since ancient times, strawberries have been praised not only for their taste but also for their health benefits as well. Even bathing in them was once a popular practice! Despite their numerous health benefits, strawberries are still popular in the … Read more

How to Draw Grapes

how to draw grapes for beginners

Grapes are one of the most versatile fruits! Jelly, candy, juice, and wine can be made from them, or they can be eaten as they are! Ancient art has also utilized them extensively. As well as all of this, grapes enhance human blood circulation, which is good for your health. You can dry grapes and … Read more

How to Draw Mango

how to draw mango step by step

Mangos are types of fruits. Summer is the time when mangos harvest. In their early stages, mangoes are sometimes bitterly sour, but once they are ripe, they become very sweet. The popular Alphonso mango is trendy, Chaunsa, Dasheri, Langra, etc. Its fruit is mainly what makes the mango tree popular rather than it’s wood. Mango … Read more

How to Draw Orange

how to draw orange easy step by step

Oranges are very healthy since they contain vitamin C. This fruit is also known as orange due to its color. One of the world’s largest producers of oranges is the state of Florida in the United States. Shopkins portraying as cartoon characters in cartoon serials. A pencil, an eraser, and a piece of paper are … Read more

How to Draw Fruit

how to draw fruit easy tutorials

Art historians have long praised the tradition of still-lifes in history. A bowl of fruit is the most common inanimate object that artists create art on as they put their own creative spin on it. A variety of colors, textures, and shapes distinguish fruit from other foods. Drawing fruits can also be difficult with this … Read more

How to Draw an Apple

how to draw an apple with pencil

A healthy diet includes eating an apple every day. The fruit has been part of your child’s diet since they were a child. While they were weaning, you gave them apple puree. Let’s learn how to draw an apple correctly in this tutorial. We won’t draw shadows in this tutorial since it’s for beginners. Our … Read more

How To Photograph Artwork

artwork photography

While it may seem that scanning a piece of art is a more convenient option than photographing it, the latter is often an overlooked way to capture the essence of a real-life artwork that can at times be just as good as the scan of the same artwork, now read how to photograph artwork. Even … Read more