How to Draw a Brick Wall

how to draw a brick wall

A brick wall is a structure mostly made of bricks that are stacked to form a wall. Drawing a brick wall or brick fence isn’t difficult. It’s actually pretty simple if you know how to draw dark and light shapes well. So, if you’re a new artist and not sure what to draw, that’s okay. … Read more

How to Draw a Carnation

how to draw a carnation

Drawing is a fun hobby to have, and it can be especially cathartic when you draw something you’re feeling inside. Making art can help you relax and let go, and even though there might be some pieces of your artwork that you find horrible, try to put them aside and start a new drawing. Now … Read more

How to Draw 3D Letters

how to draw 3d letters

Since the beginning of time, letters have been used as a way to communicate, expand ideas, and share information.  3D letters are a very popular art project at the moment, and many people are looking for ideas on how to draw them.  If you want to learn how to draw 3d letters, this post will … Read more

How to Draw Folds in Clothes

how to draw folds in clothes

Drawing folds in clothes is one of those things that reduce the time you need to create realistic drawings and illustrations. Those are such small detail but can make a big difference to your artwork. Folds are most commonly present when drawing clothes, so we’ll be talking about how to draw folds in clothes here. … Read more

Human Anatomy Drawing

human anatomy drawing

Human anatomy drawing as a science is concerned with the structure or shape of humans. I am sure you will agree with me that even individuals who are not medical students might still be interested in learning about this subject matter. The human body is the world’s most fascinating and generally the most familiar object. … Read more

How to Draw Clothes

how to draw clothes

Drawing clothes is a huge pet peeve of mine, and there are so many crappy ways out there that promise to show you how to draw them. Drawing the clothes may either be easy or hard, depending on the kind of clothes you need to draw. It can be difficult because you have to really … Read more

How to Shadow Letters- 7 Ways

how to shadow letters

Shadow letters are an important aspect of handwriting. Shadow letters are a great choice for eye-catching lettering. Learning how to shadow letters will help your child pay attention to the big picture of how the letters flow together and create words. The key to shadowing is not focusing on individual strokes but all the little … Read more

How to Draw Block Letters

how to draw block letters

Learning how to draw block letters can be a fun and simple process. The block letter style is a fun and classic style of lettering. It’s a great way to practice your lettering and still create something that feels classic and clean. Many people will feel comfortable reading block letters because they are so familiar. … Read more

How to Draw Bubble Letters

how to draw bubble letters

Bubble letters have been popular for years. And with good reason, they are easy to draw, fun, and can take on any shape or style depending on who is drawing them. Bubble letters are indeed a versatile lettering style that can use in both casual pieces and more polished and professional work. Drawing bubble letters … Read more

How to Draw a Cross

how to draw a cross

Cross is a drawing of four straight lines appearing to intersect, often used in Christian symbolism. It is one of the most popular decorative items used in homes. It fits well for modern or ancient homes. You can see it anywhere, a cross hanging in a living room and on the wall, Cross placed on … Read more