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There are many different products on the market and a buying guide detailing everything to consider before purchasing, designed to suit all ages, abilities, and budgets. We’re here to help you cut through the noise and give you the lowdown on the best you can buy.

As we used our developed criteria to evaluate each product, it became increasingly clear that each model has specific advantages and disadvantages. Some product are better because they are easier to store; some are better because they have more versatility. Ultimately, we found it incredibly important to pick your airpod cleaning based on what you want out of it. 

In our quest to bring you the best, we decided to spend hours researching some of these products ourselves so that we could deliver the most honest reviews. Here are the 10 airpod cleaning reviews listed for your convenience. . We compiled our list of the highest quality products by considering price-to-value ratio, durability, and overall user ratings. Wishing you the best of luck in finding what you are looking for.

  • Size
  • Design
  • Warranty
  • Easy to Use
  • Return Policy
  • Types
  • Quality
  • Convenience
  • Price
  • Durability
  • Customer Feedback
  • Functionality
  • Brand
  • Weight

Top 10 airpod cleaning : Compared



Best airpod cleaning With Specifications

1. Cleaner Kit Compatible with Airpods, Earbuds Cleaning kit,Cleaning Pen with Brush for Bluetooth Earbuds Cleaner,Cellphones, Wireless Earphones,Laptop, Camera (White)

Features :

  • 【High Quality】Made of environmentally friendly material, no damage to earbuds components and holes.
  • 【Lightweight and Portable】Pen-shaped design, it is lightweight and easy to carry. It can be used anytime and anywhere. Suitable for Bluetooth earbuds, headsets, mobile phone, computer, tablet, camera and other digital products.
  • 【Soft Brush & Sponge】There is a soft microfiber brush above the pen tip, which can deeply clean the small parts and holes of the earbuds. At the other end of the pen is a soft, lightweight brush that cleans the charging bin.
  • 【360-Degree Cleaning】Well-designed cleaning pen, save labor, help clean hard-to-reach areas or any other corners. It is a must for anyone wearing headphones. Never use liquids to clean the earphones.
  • 【Wide range of application】This cleaning pen can not only clean the earphones, but also the earphone charging box, mobile phone earpieces, microphones, etc. compatible with most Bluetooth earphones on the market.

Additional Info :

Color White

2. Hagibis Cleaning Pen for Airpods Pro 1 2 Multi-Function Cleaner Kit Soft Brush for Bluetooth Earphones Case Cleaning Tools for Lego Huawei Samsung MI Earbuds (White)

Features :

  • Separated Dual Head Design: Hagibis 3-in-1 earphone cleaning kit with Flocking Sponge, High-density Brush and Metal Pen Tip, dual head hidden design to meet a variety of cleaning needs
  • Flocking Sponge: Delicate and soft flocking sponge can clean the dust in the wireless charging case of the earphone
  • High-density Brush: Easily clean the dirt on the sound outlet hole of the earphone and other parts
  • Metal Pen Tip: Metal pen tip can clean the stubborn dust, thoroughly clean the gap
  • Embedded Handle: Hold the top of the flocking sponge and pull it down while rotating. We don’t want to omit even small details, and the products are more exquisite

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 0.5118110231
Width 0.5118110231
Length 4.2519684996

3. Cleaner Kit for Airpod,Supfine Airpods Pro Cleaning Pen,Multi-Function Cleaner Kit Soft Brush for Phone Charging Port,Earbuds,Earpods,Earphone,Headphone, iPod,Case,iPhone,ipad,Laptop(White)

Features :

  • 【Spiral brush and blower ball】The spiral brush in the cleaner kit can clean the 3.5mm interface on the mobile phone, suitable for Android devices such as Samsung and iPhone series models. The dust ball can blow away particles such as floating dust. In short, it will give you a clean experience.
  • 【Pen-shaped design】The metal tip of the cleaner pen can clean the small parts and holes of the airpods for deep cleaning of crevices and stubborn dirt. Then use microfiber brush to remove dust.The last step is to use the fluff brush to clean the charging case.
  • 【Lightweight and Portable】Cleaning kit is lightweight and easy to carry. It can be used anytime and anywhere. You don’t need to worry about the cleaner kit being your burden, it can easily be taken anywhere by you.
  • 【Wide Application】The phone cleaning kits can clean the airpod, and the airpod case,headphones,3.5mm headphone jack,phones, keyboards, laptops, hearing aid watch cleaning tools. Each cleaning kit to keep your electronics products much neater.
  • 【What you will get】A bluetooth earbud cleaning pen consists of a metal tip, a high-density brush and a flocking sponge cleaner pen, 2 spiral cleaning brushes, 1 dust cleaning bulb blower.

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 0.6299212592
Width 5.511811018
Length 8.267716527

4. Airpod Cleaner Kit,Earbud Cleaning Kit for Airpods Pro 1 2 3, Multi-Function Cleaning Pen with Soft Brush Flocking Sponge,Suitable for Bluetooth Headset, Charging Box, Mobile Phone, Camera (1Pcs)

Features :

  • The Airpod Cleaner has a pen-shaped design, which is lightweight, portable and easy to clean. Suitable for all kinds of digital products such as Bluetooth headsets, headset charging boxes, mobile phones, cameras, etc.
  • If the headphones are not cleaned for a long time, a lot of dirt will accumulate, including ear oil, sweat and dust. It will block the sound hole of the earphone and affect the sound quality of the earplug. It also makes you feel uncomfortable when you see your headphones. At this time, we need to clean the earplug cleaning pen in time.
  • The airpod cleaning pen has metal sharp teeth to remove dirt from hidden cracks and holes. The soft flocked sponge absorbs fine dust inside the wireless earbuds charging case. The high-density brush can easily clean the dirt on the sound hole of the earphone.
  • The Bluetooth earplug cleaning pen adopts push-pull double headed hidden design, equipped with flocking sponge, high-density brush and metal pen tip. The operation is very simple. It can be used with a gentle push.
  • You are welcome to be our valued customer, if you have any questions, please contact us immediately and we will solve it for you within 24 hours.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 0.59
Width 0.59
Length 3.93

5. AirSquares Earbud Cleaning Putty for Apple AirPods, Remove Ear Wax, Dirt & Gunk from Devices w/ Small Crevices, AirPod Cleaner Kit Compatible w/ EarPods, Earphones, Headphones & Hearing Aids (12 Pack)

Features :

  • THE ORIGINAL EAR WAX REMOVAL PUTTY – Gently press your earbud or device directly against the AirSquares putty. Peel putty away to remove dirt, wax, gunk, and any other debris. AirSquares are a premium AirPod cleaning kit to aid clean headphones, and improve hygiene & audio.
  • BEAUTIFULLY CLEAN – AirSquares phone putty are the ideal Airpod Pro accessory to keep your electronic buds looking shiny, new, and dust-free. Convenient, easy to use and mess-free, AirSquares are the easiest way to restore your tech devices to like-new quality.
  • INSTANTLY RESTORE SOUND QUALITY – Just like dust on a lens, wax and other debris can distort the sound waves emanating from your AirPods. AirSquares remove wax for better airflow and sound quality.
  • BETTER & FASTER IPHONE PAIRING – Ear wax and other debris can block the sensors that help pair your AirPods to your iPhone. Removing the blockage can improve the pairing speed of pods to the cellphone.
  • THE ORIGINAL CLEANING PUTTY – Each package of cleaning putty comes with plenty of AirSquares. Keep your earbuds, hearing aids, AirPods, smartphones, & other electronics, cleaner for longer and more thoroughly than you could with wipes or a cleaner brush.

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 0.18
Width 4.18
Length 7

6. 203PCS Airpod Cleaner Kit,iPhone Charge Port Cleaning kit,Airpods Earbud Cleaning Putty, Remove Ear Wax,Phone Phone Cleaning kit,for Airpods Charging Case/Headphones/Phone/Earbuds/Camera

Features :

  • 【PACKAGE INLUDES】cleaning putty(90)cleaning sticks(100) soft bristle brushes(5) different kind of Cleaning Brush(2) microfiber cloth(2),steel tweezer(1)Wet and dry cleaning wipe(2) Storage Box (7.7*4.1*0.8)in
  • 【REMOVAL THE EAR WAX】 put the cleanning putty on your airpods, press it and then pull it off, all the ear wax & dust will be removel, you will get a clean airpods, it can also clean iPhone speaker
  • 【WIDELY USED】Screen cleaner, Dirt remover, Extend service time helper. Effective cleaning kit tools for your electronic devices du-st. make your electronic device away from sand , dirt and debris.several sizes of different functions cleaning set,Get rid of the dust and grime on your iPhone, AirPods case
  • 【SUPER VALUE SET】our clean kit set include 203 PCS, it can clean all of your nooks and crannies on your devices like airpods, cell phone, earbuds
  • 【AFTER-SALES 】We take care of all quality-related issues, if you have any questions , please feel free to contact us

Additional Info :

7. Yunerz for Airpods Cleaner Kit, Earbuds Cleaning Pen, Bluetooth Headphone Cleaning Tool with Cleaning Putty for Airpods Pro 1 2 3 and Other Earphones, Upgraded Kits with Cloth and Wet Dry Wipes

Features :

  • 【Upgraded Earbud cleaning kit】The package comes with 1 cleaning pen, 1 microfiber cloth, 48 squares cleaning putty, 10 wet wipes and 10 dry wipes. 360°clean your earbuds/phone/smartwatch/camera. Suitable for Airpods Pro, Airpods 1/2, Samsung Galaxy Buds, Power Beats or any other Bluetooth earbuds. Perfect accessories.
  • 【Handy 3-in-1 Cleaning Pen】Press and push design. It is easy to use the push button to use the two different tools on either side of the pen. The metal tip can remove the crevice stains, the soft brush clean the dust in mesh or small holes without damaging the speaker and the flocking sponge can clean the charging case easily.
  • 【Deep Cleaning Putty】After cleaning the earwax with metal tip and brush, the putty is awesome and can take out all the gunk rather than pushing it in. Achieves 360° total cleaning.
  • 【Cleaner Kits with Microfiber Cloth and Wipes】Finally, use the wet wipes/dry wipes and the microfiber cloth to wipe your fingerprints and finish cleaning! You’ll get one pair clean headphones as well as better sound quality. The amazing restorative powers will impress you.
  • 【Our Service】If there’s any concerns about the product, just let us know and we’ll reply you within 12 hours. We promise we could help you out at once if you meet any quality problems.

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 0.5511811018
Width 4.330708657
Length 7.480314953

8. Cleaner Kit for Airpods Pro 1 2 3 Multi-Function Cleaning Pen with Soft Brush Flocking Sponge for Bluetooth Earphones Case Cleaning Tools for Samsung Sony Beats Bose Headphones White

Features :

  • Multi-function Cleaning Kit: 3 in 1 cleaner kit with Flocking Sponge, Soft Brush and metal Pen Tip, it is super easy to clean the dust or stubborn dirt, Make your headphones like new.
  • Simple and Convenient Design: Hyashee cleaning pen make with smooth up&down button, when you want to switch clean tool, just push gently the button to clean your devices.
  • Wide Application: It’s not just a cleaning pen for headphone, it can also clean your computer, keyboard, phone, camera. If you have a lots of devices, this portable cleaning pen will be your good partner.
  • Portable and Slight: Pocket size cleaning pen, easy to carry and don’t take up space. Weight: 0.4oz; Length: 3.95in; Diameter: 0.53in
  • After-sale Service: Provides free replacement or full refund within 12 months, please contact us at the first time for any problems, we will solve for you within 24 hours.

Additional Info :

Color White

9. POHGELAN Cleaner Kit for AirPods,3 in 1 Multi-Function Airpod Cleaning Pen with Soft Brush and Cleaning Putty,for iPhone Lego Huawei Samsung MI Wireless Headphone,Laptop, Camera Cleaning Tool(White)

Features :

  • 【Convenient Design】Press and push design,Integrated cleaning pen,Pull down one side is chearging hole cleaning brush,The other side Pull down is plush brush&round metal nib;360°clean your earbuds/phone/smartwatch/camera. Suitable for Airpods Pro, Airpods 1/2, Samsung Galaxy Buds, Power Beats or any other Bluetooth earbuds. Perfect accessories.
  • 【 Three in one】Convenient Double-head hidden design, cleaning pen will meet the cleaning needs of many situations. Multi-functional cleaning parts, including 3 parts, flocked sponge, high-density flocked tip, and metal nib;
  • 【How cleaner ear wax】 put the cleanning putty on your airpods & Earbud,squish in and pull it off, out comes the dust and earwax,use Cleaning cloth wipe,you will get a clean airpods;
  • 【Wide Application】Multifunctional cleaning tool kits can clean the Airpod and the Airpod case,headphones,3.5mm headphone jack,phones, keyboards, laptops, hearing aid watch cleaning tools. Each cleaning kit to keep your electronics products much neater;
  • 【Package list】Squares Cleaning Putty*48,Cleaning Pen*1,Wet and Dry Cleaning Wipe*4,cleaner cloth *2,soft bristle brushes*4,Cleaning Brush*2, tweezers*1,Storage Box*1;

Additional Info :

Color white

10. Cleaner Kit for Airpods, HouseGem Bluetooth Airpod Pro Earbuds Cleaning Cleaner Kit Pen, 3 in 1 Compact Portable Multifunctional Cleaning Kit (White)

Features :

  • 【Useful Cleaner Kit】The Airpod Cleaner is super compact and incomparably portable because it is just 4 inches long!! You can bring the cleaning pen wherever and use it whenever. The 3-in-1 craft design helps cleaning your airpods and making it sound better
  • 【Super Handy to Use】Press and then push forward the middle button with your thumb, then the metal tine or the sponge will be pushed out. No separate part needs to be installed
  • 【Sturdy Metal Tine】To clean those sticky and tough dirt hidden between the airpods crack and hole. To avoid damaging the object or bending the tine, please don’t use too much force
  • 【High Density Brush】To clean the dust sticks on acoustic mesh, shallow holes and crack. The brush is very useful and probably you will use it most of the time whiling cleaning your air pods or phone
  • 【Microfiber Sponge】To clean the dust and dirt hidden in those deep holes that you can’t reach out by fingers. Use it to clean the charging rabbet of wireless earbud case, and you will know how great it is

Additional Info :

Color White

Best airpod cleaning Buying Guide

Are you looking for the airpod cleaning buying guide? Don’t worry. This buying guide is not going to be a long boring read. It’s not going to take you more than 5 minutes before you’re on your way with the information you need. That’s because we’ve created this simple guide for those looking for a buying guide of their own! 

Check out the considerations listed below and enjoy your shopping experience!

  • Consider the right time to buy the airpod cleaning 
  • Choose the airpod cleaning at a price that suits your pocket.
  • Find out the policies and services before buying the airpod cleaning 

1. Consider the right time to buy

When is the best time to buy the airpod cleaning? Is it when you find yourself in need of one, or does timing make no difference? It may seem like there are never any correct times to purchase anything, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Many factors should be considered when deciding to buy the airpod cleaning from Amazon. These include your current economic situation, how much money you have available for purchases, what type of product would suit your needs best, and what kind of warranty the manufacturer offers. 


If you’re faced with an emergency-type purchase decision, the price will probably take precedence over considerations such as quality and durability. It’s essential to understand your needs before you start shopping. Knowing what kind of product will best suit your lifestyle can also help you find the right time to buy it. 

Consider these questions when making a purchase decision to know exactly how much money is worth spending on something new for yourself or someone else. 

  • What are some things about me and my life I want this product to do?
  • How often am I going to use this thing? 
  • Do I have enough space in my home for yet another item?
  • Is there anything better than this particular model/style/brand?

These questions should give you an idea of whether it’s time to make a purchase now or wait until later, if possible.

2. Choose the airpod cleaning at a price that suits your pocket

Along with the price factor, most consumers choose to buy products from official dealers, giving them peace of mind with the best warranties and products; the primary benefits are recognized. Care, technical advice, to other intangible benefits.


Our recommended airpod cleaning are made with durable materials, so your purchase will last and save you money in the long run. We are confident you will have a product to suit all your needs with our extensive quality product line.

3. Find out the policies and services

Warranty Policy

Do you know the warranty policy before buying the airpod cleaning? When you purchase the airpod cleaning, it is essential to see the company’s type of warranty. There are many types of contracts, each with its benefits and downsides.  For example, if a product has a manufacturer’s warranty, they will replace or fix your item for free within the first year after purchase.

If there is no manufacturer’s warranty, companies can still offer other warranties such as an extended service plan which could be anywhere from 1-5 years at an additional cost. In addition to these two common types of contracts, some manufacturers offer things like accidental protection plans or flexible solutions to choose how much coverage you want instead of being stuck with a predetermined range. You may not always be able to tell if a product is defective before you buy it. 

That’s why we recommend that, when possible, consumers take the time and effort to learn about warranty policies for their desired products before making a purchase decision. For example, many manufacturers offer extended warranties on selected items or provide free one-year protection plans in response to consumer feedback. This way, you can find your options, so there will be no surprises down the line!

Return policy

Before you buy the airpod cleaning, think about the return policy. You might be surprised to learn that many retailers have strict returns policies, so it’s important to know what they are before making a purchase.  


The best place to start is by reading the store’s website or contacting customer service for questions on specific items. The best way to shop is by knowing beforehand whether or not you will return a product. But if they don’t have an excellent returns policy, it’s better to either buy from another store or do some research on your own before making any purchase decisions. 

Before committing to anything online, make sure that there are no hidden fees, and always free shipping availableYouou want peace of mind when shopping, so take these ten minutes now and find out their policies!

Customer Service

When you’re in the market for the airpod cleaning, it can be hard to know which ones are worth your money. Customer service is a huge indicator of whether or not a company will offer good products and services after making their sale. 

Customer service includes how responsive they are to customers’ questions if they have an online chat, live chat, or email address on their website that customers can use to contact them with any concerns. 

Knowledge is power, and researching before buying the best products for customer service can avoid much frustration down the road. We hope this part has helped equip you with some knowledge about customer service before buying the airpod cleaning. 

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