How to Remove Permanent Marker from Plastic

Though it may seem impossible, removing permanent markers from plastic is not that difficult. All you need to do is to put in some effort and a little bit of patience to get it clean. While it’s easy to clean off the marker paint from the plastic, it’s equally important to be careful with the … Read more

Epson V700 vs V800

epson V700 vs V800

Lately, photo scanners have an increasing demand in the market. Photo scanners are generally a type of optical scanner created for scanning photos. Although photo scanners may be smaller than your typical scanners, it provides a higher resolution. You will currently find many types of scanners to choose from in the market. Among them, Epson … Read more

20 ID Card Design Sample

corporate id card

As a symbol of your status and recognition, you can wear an Id Card around your neck. As an example, you might run into a stranger at a conference put on by your company. That person may have a hard time recognizing you as a member of the staff at this point. In the same … Read more

What Colors Make Gold

gold color shades

Traditionally, the color gold is associated with riches, royalty, and treasures and has been associated with wealth and prestige. When mixing paints, it is difficult to recreate that rich and reflective gold color because gold is a reflective and rich color. The risks of trying to render this color incorrectly are that it will turn … Read more

What Colors Make Brown

dark brown color

There are so many colors in the world, but brown is one of the most common. There is something beautiful and natural about this color. It is usually associated with autumn and winter. There are many ways in which it is found, from the color of wood, soil, natural landscapes, and even the color of … Read more

What Two Colors Make Yellow

how to make yellow

The color yellow is bright, cheerful, and naturally energetic. Among the most visible color wavelengths in the spectrum, vivid yellow hues are filled with life and energy. This makes it a popular accent color for artists and interior designers. Yellow is a crucial component of every piece of art you create, so we will discover … Read more

Best Inkjet Printer for Stickers

best inkjet printer for stickers

We may find that printing stickers is a fun activity for young people only, but this nowadays has great brand value. It isn’t only printing a colorful and pretty sticker and a label for any business or organization. We must ensure that these stickers or labels are printed with high-quality media and ink to attract … Read more

What Colors Make Purple

purple color palette

Purple is associated with luxury, wealth, and power in color psychology. Furthermore, considering its history, purple is also associated with nobility and royalty. In combination with red, blue, purple indicates wisdom and knowledge, which is associated with calm and stability.  The color purple is a wonderful, versatile color, long loved by royals around the world. … Read more

Top 10 Best Receipt Printer Reviews

best receipt printer

Do you know a receipt printer is a must-have operating your own business? Yes, it is a suitable device for printing receipts for your customers after a product purchase. But remember, for prompt printing of receipts, you must own the best receipt printer.  This machine is always connected to your cash register at your business premises. … Read more

What Colors Make Blue

blue color mixing

The color blue is a fundamental color and one of the most common colors used by artists. Learning different shades of blue will enhance your ability to mix colors since it will immediately boost your color mixing skills. Due to the fact that blue is a primary color, you cannot create a “pure blue” by … Read more