How to Clean Printer Heads

If you own a printer, then you must learn how to clean printer heads.  Although all the printer components need proper maintenance, some are more paramount than others. An example of such is the printer’s print heads. These parts require special attention as they can easily get dirty and clogged with ink or toner particles … Read more

How to Reset Printer

Step by step guide on how to reset Printer We have various reasons to reset your Printer. The most common reason is that the print head has become dirty or clogged and needs cleaning before printing can resume adequately. If you are having problems with a specific page of text on one side only, it … Read more

Printify vs Printful

So you’ve had lots of fabulous product designs to print locked on your head. And after some contemplation, you think you’ve got all it takes to make it happen. In such a case, the chances are that you consider narrowing your choice on either Printful or Printify. Well, honestly, these brands are leading print-on-demand (POD) … Read more

Top 10 Best Photo Booth Printer Reviews

diy photo booth printer

Getting the best photo booth printer is the beginning of saving your beautiful moments captured in your day-to-day life. However, choosing the best photo booth printer is challenging and requires thorough research. But do you know our review saves you from that entire hard task? Read through for a review on the best photo booth … Read more

How to Fix a Printer: 9 Steps

how to fix a printer jam

Printers are an essential part of any office. They help us in printing documents, pictures and other important things that we need for our daily work. Annoyingly, sometimes they fail to print the most desired documents or pictures properly. This can be due to many reasons like low ink level, paper jamming, etc. Supposing you … Read more

Top 10 Best Pigment Ink Printer Reviews

best pigment ink printer for heat transfers

The popularity of the Best Pigment ink printer has been rising in recent years for so many reasons. And today, they are considered a great alternative to the traditional dye-based printing process, which can be expensive and time-consuming. The main advantage of using pigments is that they do not fade or bleed when printed on … Read more

Top 10 Best Laser Printer for Mac Reviews

best monochrome laser printer for mac

We are no longer stuck with bulky, costly printers that took forever to give you a single print with recent advancements in technology. Modern days machines are efficient, fast, and superior, with unique features to explore. But even so, not all devices on the market can be regarded as the best laser printer for mac. … Read more

Top 9 Best Tabloid Printer Reviews

brother mfc-j6945dw review

When tabloid printing, you need to look for a printer with tabloid capabilities. A tabloid is defined as an extensive newspaper that typically has around 9-16 pages. Tabloid printers are often used by tabloid newspapers because of the large number of copies they can produce in a short period and their ability to print on … Read more

Top 10 Best Mini Photo Printer Reviews

best portable photo printer 4x6

While printing the best quality Photos is not an uphill task, most people encounter challenges achieving the desired quality. The leading cause of these challenges is that most lack access to the best mini photo printer. If you are purchasing a small photo printer for the first time or are a frequent buyer, I hope … Read more

Top 10 Best Printer for Dorm Room Reviews

printers for college students

So, you’ve made your mind that you want to buy the best printer for dorm room? Well, allow us to give you a straightforward breakthrough.  Below we’ve reviewed the best wireless printer for a dorm room so that you can purchase with confidence. Our Top Pick: 10 Best Printer for Dorm Room Reviews 1. HP … Read more